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+ - Censorship in the West-> 2

Submitted by bradley13
bradley13 (1118935) writes "Pussy Riot has highlighted censorship in Russia. With millions of news hits, the entire Internet now knows that speech in Russia will be suppressed with jail sentences.

In Scotland, a blogger finds it curious: A man by the name of Stephen Birrell has just been jailed for eight months, for posting "religiously prejudiced abuse" on a Facebook page. But you won't be able to find out many details, because the press shows no interest. For bonus points, the blogger claims that the few news items that do exist are not findable in search engines.

The blog mentioned above does overstate the case: If you enter "stephen birrell jailed", some news items do show up, but nowhere near the number that do for Pussy Riot. Still, isn't it ironic that the free-and-enlightened West is jailing people for "hate speech" at the same time that it criticizes Russia for much the same action?"

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Censorship in the West

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  • Don't you know it yet?

    Hypocrisy, no matter where it happens, is still Hypocrisy

    While the West criticizes Russia or China or Cuba or North Korea for human rights abuses - they (the West) themselves are doing it, inside their own country

    The case you brought up is far from being an isolated case - the handling of Julian Assange case in UK is another

    The West does not care about human rights, anymore than those of the commie countries

    The only difference is that the West has a much better marketing department, an

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