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+ - A Major Satellite Company Has Nixed Iran's Export Broadcasts->

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pigrabbitbear writes "Even amid tightening U.S. and E.U. sanctions on Iran, this stands out: Eutelsat Communications, one of the largest satellite providers in Europe, has just nixed its contract with IRIB, the Iranian state broadcasting company. While IRIB’s programming is still mostly up and running in Iran, the decision means that 19 IRIB TV and radio channels have now been axed from Europe and much of the Middle East.

Press TV, one of IRIB’s biggest networks, is predictably unhappy with the Eutelsat cutoff. In a post using rhetoric that’s oddly familiar in the U.S., Press TV blames “pop-culture press” for spreading the lie that the Eutelsat decision is a positive change that’s backed by legitimate E.U. sanctions, and saying that the decision violates the E.U.‘s supposed policy of free speech. Rather than note that a private company deciding to end a contract with a country that’s repeatedly attacked its services does not constitute an assault on free speech, Press TV’s missive descends into blaming everything on Israel."

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A Major Satellite Company Has Nixed Iran's Export Broadcasts

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