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+ - Trans-Atlantic 8K/UHDTV Streaming using Open-Source UltraGrid and Commodity PCs->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "During 12th Annual Global LambdaGrid Workshop in Chicago, researchers have demonstrated interactive multi-point streaming of 8K/UHDTV (i.e., 16x Full HD resolution) using commodity PC hardware running Linux and open-source UltraGrid sofware (, The transmissions featured on GPU-accelerated JPEG and DXT compressions implemented using NVIDIA CUDA platform, which are also available as open-source software. The streams were distributed from the source to another location in the USA and to one location in the Czech Republic over 10Gbps GLIF network infrastructure."
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Trans-Atlantic 8K/UHDTV Streaming using Open-Source UltraGrid and Commodity PCs

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