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+ - Dove's Un-retoucher - Malware As Ad Campaign ->

Submitted by mikejuk
mikejuk (1801200) writes "As part of its ten year long campaign to get the fashion industry to stop Photoshopping pictures to make models look more perfect and thinner than they actually are, Dove (the soap company) has gone to the trouble of building a Photoshop action — a one click-effect. Users are being encouraged to download the action and use it to apply an interesting "Beautify" effect — it is supposed to apply a shine to the skin of a model. However, when the unsuspecting dupe, sorry, user, clicks the button the action undoes any retouching applied to the photo to show the model as the photo was originally taken.
As Actions are basically recorded macros that can be edited you can guess that probably not a lot of serious programming has been applied to the problem and this also suggests that not a lot of serious testing has either. What is going to happen when something goes wrong and a user claims to have lost tens of hours of retouching work or worse an original photo? It may say "click to undo" on the screen but in a panic it could be missed and undo doesn't always work.
This really does seem to be Mad Men territory with the emphasis on the mad."

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Dove's Un-retoucher - Malware As Ad Campaign

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