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Submitted by Nerval's Lobster
Nerval's Lobster (2598977) writes "Online economies come with their own issues. Case in point is the Auction House for Diablo III, a massively multiplayer game in which players can pay for items in either in-game gold or real-world dollars. Thanks to a bug in the game’s latest patch, players could generate massive amounts of virtual gold with little effort, which threatened to throw the in-game economy seriously out of whack. Diablo series publisher Blizzard took corrective steps, but the bug has already attracted a fair share of buzz on gaming and tech-news forums. “We’re still in the process of auditing Auction House and gold trade transactions,” read Blizzard’s note on the forums. “We realize this is an inconvenience for many of our players, and we sincerely apologize for the interruption of the service. We hope to have everything back up as soon as possible.” Blizzard was unable to offer an ETA for when the Auction House would come back. “We’ll continue to provide updates in this thread as they become available.” Diablo's gold issue brings up (however tangentially) some broader issues with virtual currencies, namely the bugs and workarounds that can throw an entire micro-economy out of whack. But then again, "real world" markets have their own software-related problems: witness Wall Street's periodic "flash crashes" (caused, many believe, by the rise of ultra-high-speed computer trading)."
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Diablo III Gold Bug Leads to Transaction Chaos

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