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Submission + - Google blocks YouTube app on Windows Phone (again) ( 4

dhavleak writes: From Gizmodo: Earlier today, the Microsoft-built YouTube app for Windows Phone was unceremoniously disabled by Google. These kind of little inter-corporate kerfuffles happen from time to time, and usually resolve themselves without screwing too many users. But boy, Microsoft didn't take it quietly.
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Google blocks YouTube app on Windows Phone (again)

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    Yes it's Microsoft, yes historically their push toward "openness" has hardly been anything significant (in fact it has generally gone the other way) but at least they are pushing toward standards compliance with HTML5, even if it took them losing their monopoly position in web browsing to do so. But Google's stance here *is* evil, the people they are hurting here are their own customers (that also happen to be Microsoft's customers, and inb4 the "yeah, both of them" comments) and showing that they aren't wi

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