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+ - 3rd party Wii games finally coming into their own?->

Submitted by
Gravy Monkey
Gravy Monkey writes "It's not too difficult to criticize the quality of many 3rd party Wii games — whether they're unique titles, bad licenses or lazy ports over to the system.With Nintendo doing their best to spin their version of 3rd party sales figures, with the large number if games available, the actual sales figures for 3rd party sales may not be so good. However, will this change as more quality 3rd party games appear on the Wii? Recently Wiiware title Lost Winds picked up some great reviews as did the Blastworks game, however the recent review of a new game called Order Up on IGN caught my attention, since they praised it as the way all casual games should be made. Is this the beginning of a new era of Wii games where quality casual games from 3rd parties manage to grab the attention of both mainstream and more hardcore gamers alike, instead of being a console where only first party titles sell?"
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3rd party Wii games finally coming into their own?

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