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Tuesday April 15, 2014 @12:19PM OpenBSD Team Cleaning Up OpenSSL
Tuesday April 15, 2014 @08:37AM Linux 3.15 Will Suspend & Resume Much Faster
Tuesday April 15, 2014 @08:18AM Lucas Nussbaum Re-Elected As Debian Project Leader
Thursday April 10, 2014 @01:37PM Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace?
Wednesday April 09, 2014 @10:32AM Princeton Students Develop Open Source Voice Control Platform For Any Device
Monday April 07, 2014 @11:15AM Not Just Apple: GnuTLS Bug Means Security Flaw For Major Linux Distros
Saturday April 05, 2014 @05:18PM Intel Releases $99 'MinnowBoard Max,' an Open-Source Single-Board Computer
Saturday April 05, 2014 @12:22PM Ask Slashdot: User-Friendly Firewall For a Brand-New Linux User?
Thursday April 03, 2014 @10:07AM Canonical Shutting Down Ubuntu One File Services
Thursday April 03, 2014 @09:57AM Interview: Ask Bruce Perens What You Will
Saturday March 29, 2014 @01:56AM oVirt 3.4 Means Management, VMs Can Live On the Same Machine
Thursday March 27, 2014 @02:15PM Latest Humble Bundle Supports Open Source GameDev Tools
Thursday March 27, 2014 @12:42PM In Israel, Class-Action Plaintiff Requests Waze Source Code Under GPL
Thursday March 27, 2014 @09:08AM Waze hit with class action suit: plaintiff requests souce code under GPL.
Thursday March 27, 2014 @03:37AM Independent Movies using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)
Wednesday March 26, 2014 @04:10PM GNOME 3.12 released
Wednesday March 26, 2014 @11:00AM Canonical's Troubles With the Free Software Community
Monday March 24, 2014 @06:25PM Ubuntu Phone Isn't Important Enough To Demand an Open Source Baseband
Monday March 24, 2014 @03:36PM Ubuntu phone isn't important enough to demand an open source baseband
Sunday March 23, 2014 @09:11PM AWS Urges Devs To Scrub Secret Keys From GitHub
Saturday March 22, 2014 @06:34PM Spinoffs From Spyland: How Some NSA Technology Is Making Its Way Into Industry
Saturday March 22, 2014 @02:40PM AMD Develops New Linux Open-Source Driver Model
Saturday March 22, 2014 @10:07AM Neovim: Rebuilding Vim For the 21st Century
Thursday March 20, 2014 @12:27PM Why Buy Microsoft Milk When the Google Cow Is Free?
Thursday March 20, 2014 @12:26PM GNU C Library Alternative Musl Libc Hits 1.0 Milestone
Tuesday March 18, 2014 @12:57PM Flash Is Dead; Long Live OpenFL!
Tuesday March 18, 2014 @09:42AM KDE wins Linux New Media Readers Choice Award 2014
Monday March 17, 2014 @01:20PM OASIS Approves OData 4.0 Standards For an Open, Programmable Web
Thursday March 13, 2014 @05:55PM VLC Finally Launches App For Windows 8
Thursday March 13, 2014 @08:34AM Replicant Hackers Find and Close Samsung Galaxy Back-door
Wednesday March 12, 2014 @05:13PM Git 2.0 released
Tuesday March 11, 2014 @10:33PM Large DDoS Attack Brings WordPress Pingback Abuse Back Into Spotlight
Tuesday March 11, 2014 @08:16AM Valve Open Sources Their DirectX To OpenGL Layer
Monday March 10, 2014 @09:07AM Interviews: ESR Answers Your Questions
Sunday March 09, 2014 @09:41AM Google Blocking Asus's Android-Windows "Duet"?
Saturday March 08, 2014 @12:54AM KDE Releases Calligra Suite 2.8
Friday March 07, 2014 @07:18PM Firefox OS Will Become the Mobile OS To Beat
Friday March 07, 2014 @11:14AM First beta of KDE Applications 4.13 is out
Friday March 07, 2014 @07:37AM KDE Releases Calligra Suite 2.8
Thursday March 06, 2014 @12:38PM Fedora To Have a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" For Contributors
Thursday March 06, 2014 @11:16AM New Mozilla Encoder Improves JPEG Compression
Wednesday March 05, 2014 @07:53PM Mozilla Is Investigating Why Dell Is Charging To Install Firefox
Tuesday March 04, 2014 @01:08PM Interview: Ask Eric Raymond What You Will
Saturday March 01, 2014 @08:26AM Spark Advances From Apache Incubator To Top-Level Project
Thursday February 27, 2014 @05:32PM 'Write the Docs' is a Conference for People Who Write Software Docs (Video)
Thursday February 27, 2014 @02:09PM Sundar Pichai: Android Designed For Openness; Security a Lower Priority
Wednesday February 26, 2014 @07:18PM Inside Chris Anderson's Open-Source Drone Factory
Tuesday February 25, 2014 @01:14PM Open Source Video Editor Pitivi Seeks Crowdfunding to Reach 1.0
Sunday February 23, 2014 @01:00PM FFmpeg's VP9 Decoder Faster Than Google's
Friday February 21, 2014 @01:17PM Louis Suarez-Potts Talks About Making Money with FOSS (Video)
Monday February 10, 2014 @07:32PM Godot Game Engine Released Under MIT License
Sunday February 09, 2014 @04:56PM Debian technical committee votes for systemd over Upstart
Sunday February 09, 2014 @03:45PM Windows Replacement? ReactOS 0.3.16 Gets Themes, CSRSS Rewrite, and More
Sunday February 09, 2014 @03:15PM Debian Technical Committee Votes For Systemd Over Upstart
Sunday February 09, 2014 @02:28PM Customer: Dell Denies Speaker Repair Under Warranty, Blames VLC
Saturday February 08, 2014 @05:26PM LLVM & GCC Compiler Developers To Begin Collaborating
Saturday February 08, 2014 @03:59PM LLVM & GCC Compiler Developers To Begin Collaborating
Thursday February 06, 2014 @12:54AM Build an Open-Source Electric Car In About One Hour
Wednesday February 05, 2014 @03:31PM Build An Open-Source Electric Car In One Hour, For $4,000
Tuesday February 04, 2014 @12:28PM Who's Writing Linux These Days?
Tuesday February 04, 2014 @11:39AM AMD Open-Sources Video Encode Engine
Tuesday February 04, 2014 @10:10AM Linus Torvalds Gives 'Thumbs Up' To Nvidia For Nouveau Contributions
Monday February 03, 2014 @08:56PM Eclipse Foundation Celebrates 10 Years
Monday February 03, 2014 @12:41AM NVIDIA Open-Sources Tegra K1 Graphics Support
Thursday January 30, 2014 @12:54PM LibreOffice 4.2 Busts Out GPU Mantle Support and Corporate IT Integration
Wednesday January 29, 2014 @05:28PM Why We Need OpenStreetMap (Video)
Tuesday January 28, 2014 @01:29AM Fancy Yourself a Tycoon? OpenTTD 1.4.0 On Its Way
Monday January 27, 2014 @11:32PM FileZilla Has an Evil Twin That Steals FTP Logins
Friday January 24, 2014 @10:46PM Open Source AMD Driver Now Supports OpenGL 3.3 — and It's Getting Faster
Friday January 24, 2014 @09:34PM High School Students Develop Linux Imaging and Help Desk Software
Saturday January 18, 2014 @01:02AM Valve Working on GNU/Linux Native Open Source OpenGL Debugger
Friday January 17, 2014 @07:36PM Building an Open Source Nest
Friday January 17, 2014 @08:19AM Wikimedia Community Debates H.264 Support On Wikipedia Sites.
Wednesday January 15, 2014 @03:04PM CES 2014: Danish Company Promises Low-Cost Eye Trackers For the Masses (Video)
Wednesday January 15, 2014 @02:07PM Glyphy: High Quality Glyph Rendering Using OpenGL ES2 Shaders
Wednesday January 15, 2014 @01:27PM Three Videos On Codec2 and Open Hardware
Tuesday January 14, 2014 @01:59PM Media Player Nightingale Reaches 1.12.1; First Release Since Songbird
Monday January 13, 2014 @04:24PM Announcing Nightingale 1.12.1 - The First Release Since Songbird Discontinued
Tuesday January 07, 2014 @12:47PM LLVM and Clang 3.4 Are Out
Tuesday January 07, 2014 @12:01PM Twister: The Fully Decentralized P2P Microblogging Platform
Monday January 06, 2014 @04:51PM Emacs Needs To Move To GitHub, Says ESR
Monday January 06, 2014 @01:24PM Google Launches Android Automotive Consortium
Friday January 03, 2014 @07:49PM YouTube Goes 4K — and VP9 — At CES
Monday December 30, 2013 @11:50AM Intel Releases 5,000 Pages of Open-Source Haswell Documentation
Sunday December 29, 2013 @10:30AM Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Implement Wave Protocol Self Hosted?
Saturday December 28, 2013 @04:13PM Prince of Persia Level Editor 'Apoplexy' Reaches 2.0
Saturday December 28, 2013 @12:13PM GNU Octave Gets a GUI
Saturday December 28, 2013 @06:18AM GNU Octave Gets a GUI
Sunday December 22, 2013 @04:51AM Enlightenment DR 0.18: Improved Compositing, Wayland Support
Saturday December 21, 2013 @03:09PM Big Buck Bunny In 4K, 60 Fps and 3D-stereo
Saturday December 21, 2013 @08:06AM Disappeared Kdenlive Developer Has Been Found
Friday December 20, 2013 @10:45PM Open Source Add-on Rewrites the User Interface of IE11
Friday December 20, 2013 @10:03PM Oppo's CyanogenMod Phone Gets Blessed To Run Google Apps
Friday December 20, 2013 @08:16AM KDE Releases Applications and Development Platform 4.12
Thursday December 19, 2013 @03:00PM KDE Releases Applications and Development Platform 4.12
Thursday December 19, 2013 @11:40AM Comparing G++ and Intel Compilers and Vectorized Code
Monday December 16, 2013 @07:34PM Owncloud 6 Brings Collaborative Open Document Format Editing to the Web
Thursday December 12, 2013 @02:13PM Munich Open Source Switch 'Completed Successfully'
Thursday December 12, 2013 @11:10AM Digia releases Qt 5.2, now on iOS and Android, tech preview for WinRT
Wednesday December 11, 2013 @03:17PM AirPlay Alternative Mirrors and Streams To TVs and PCs
Wednesday December 11, 2013 @01:24PM OpenSSH Has a New Cipher — Chacha20-poly1305 — from D.J. Bernstein
Tuesday December 10, 2013 @12:33PM AllSeen Alliance Wants To Open-Source the 'Internet of Things'
Tuesday December 10, 2013 @11:58AM Open source 'wasn't available' two years ago, says UK gov IT project chief
Tuesday December 10, 2013 @11:17AM KDE Releases KDevelop 4.6
Tuesday December 10, 2013 @09:57AM Linux Voice passes its crowdfunding target
Tuesday December 10, 2013 @12:12AM Firefox Gains Support for VP9 Video Codec
Tuesday December 10, 2013 @12:08AM Affordable 3D Metal Printer Developed Based on RepRap
Monday December 09, 2013 @07:36PM CyanogenMod Integrates Text Message Encryption
Friday December 06, 2013 @08:12PM Ask Slashdot: Best FLOSS iTunes Replacement In 2013?
Friday December 06, 2013 @09:41AM OPUS 1.1 released
Tuesday December 03, 2013 @11:44AM Red Hat releases OpenShift Enterprise 2
Monday December 02, 2013 @06:23AM CentOS Linux Version 6.5 Released
Thursday November 28, 2013 @07:10PM Jolla: Ex-Nokia Employees Launch Smartphone (MeeGo Resurrected)
Wednesday November 27, 2013 @09:04PM The Burning Bridges of Ubuntu
Tuesday November 26, 2013 @12:14PM Tesla Model S Has Bizarre 'Vampire-Like' Thirst For Electricity At Night
Tuesday November 26, 2013 @10:11AM Have 100GB Free? Host Your Own Copy of Wikipedia, With Images
Sunday November 24, 2013 @06:51PM Kdenlive Developer Jean-Baptiste Mardelle Is Missing
Thursday November 21, 2013 @04:24PM Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 Released, Embraces Docker Containers
Thursday November 21, 2013 @01:57PM Microsoft Adds Node.js Support To Visual Studio
Wednesday November 20, 2013 @01:06PM Ask Slashdot: Can You Trust Online Tax Software?
Wednesday November 20, 2013 @12:36PM Gartner: OpenStack Lacks Clarity
Tuesday November 19, 2013 @10:07AM openSUSE 13.1 released, reviewed!
Sunday November 17, 2013 @09:28PM GCC 4.9 Coming With Big New Features
Sunday November 17, 2013 @10:27AM 12-Lead Clinical ECG Design Open Sourced; Supports Tablets, Too
Friday November 15, 2013 @07:31PM MenuetOS, an OS Written Entirely In Assembly Language, Inches Towards 1.0
Thursday November 14, 2013 @04:36PM SourceForge Appeals To Readers For Help Nixing Bad Ad Actors
Thursday November 14, 2013 @01:42PM POV-Ray Is Now FLOSS
Wednesday November 13, 2013 @01:57AM Apple II DOS Source Code Released
Tuesday November 12, 2013 @11:07AM The State of ReactOS's Crazy Open Source Windows Replacement
Tuesday November 12, 2013 @10:19AM New Mesa OpenGL Extension Seeks Your Support
Tuesday November 12, 2013 @02:37AM WxWidgets 3.0: First Major Release in Several Years
Friday November 08, 2013 @08:16PM Oracle Kills Commercial Support For GlassFish: Was It Inevitable?
Thursday November 07, 2013 @07:28PM GIMP, Citing Ad Policies, Moves to FTP Rather Than SourceForge Downloads
Thursday November 07, 2013 @06:25PM TrueCrypt To Go Through a Crowdfunded, Public Security Audit
Monday November 04, 2013 @09:27PM Bribe Devs To Improve Open Source Software
Sunday November 03, 2013 @06:21PM Intel Open-Sources Broadwell GPU Driver & Indicates Major Silicon Changes
Sunday November 03, 2013 @05:53PM Intel Open-Sources Broadwell GPU Driver & Indicates Major Silicon Changes
Saturday November 02, 2013 @01:13PM Ask Slashdot: Easy, Open Source Desktop-Sharing Software?
Saturday November 02, 2013 @12:37PM OpenPhoenux Neo900 Bills Itself As Successor To Nokia's N900
Wednesday October 30, 2013 @12:14PM Cisco to release pre-licensed open-source "binary module" for H.264 in WebRTC
Wednesday October 30, 2013 @12:10PM Cisco To Open-Source H.264 Codec, Mozilla Plans Firefox Integration
Wednesday October 30, 2013 @11:18AM Cisco Releases Open Source "Binary Module" For H.264 In WebRTC
Tuesday October 29, 2013 @07:53AM GCC 4.9 To See Significant Upgrades In 2014
Friday October 25, 2013 @07:29AM Compromised
Thursday October 24, 2013 @12:09PM How I Compiled TrueCrypt For Windows and Matched the Official Binaries
Thursday October 24, 2013 @09:24AM Torvalds: Free OS X Is No Threat To Linux
Thursday October 24, 2013 @03:08AM Kogan Intentionally Violating the GPL
Tuesday October 22, 2013 @01:20PM Hypothetical: Can Bruce Schneier be Trusted
Tuesday October 22, 2013 @01:13PM Ask Slashdot: Can Bruce Schneier Be Trusted?
Tuesday October 22, 2013 @08:33AM Freedreno Graphics Driver Gets PRIME, Render Node Support
Tuesday October 22, 2013 @08:14AM USB Implementers Forum Won't Play Nice With Open Hardware
Tuesday October 22, 2013 @06:30AM USB Implementers Forum Will Not Play Nice With Open Hardware
Monday October 21, 2013 @09:25AM The Dark Mod 2.0 Standalone: Id Tech 4 GPL Yields a Free Thief-a-Like Game
Monday October 21, 2013 @02:21AM Obamacare Website violates GPL
Sunday October 20, 2013 @07:10PM Forrester Research Shows Steep Decline in Free Office Suite Stats
Sunday October 20, 2013 @05:00PM How To FIx Go Open-Source!
Sunday October 20, 2013 @04:35PM Carbon-Negative Energy Machines Catching On
Friday October 18, 2013 @06:17PM Wireshark Switches To Qt
Thursday October 17, 2013 @01:56PM More than 900 developers and 140 companies contributed to OpenStack Havana
Thursday October 17, 2013 @07:03AM Ubuntu 13.10 'Saucy Salamander' Final has been released!
Monday October 14, 2013 @06:19PM GNU Make 4.0 Released
Friday October 11, 2013 @08:48AM Open-Source Intel Mesa Driver Now Supports OpenGL 3.2
Thursday October 10, 2013 @10:45AM Google Offers Cash For Security Fixes To Linux and Other FOSS Projects
Thursday October 10, 2013 @05:57AM Google Offers Cash for Updates to Linux and Other FOSS
Wednesday October 09, 2013 @01:00PM GNU Make 4.0 Released
Wednesday October 09, 2013 @12:48PM South African Education Department Bans Free and Open Source Software
Wednesday October 09, 2013 @12:25PM Auto Makers To Standardize On Open Source
Wednesday October 09, 2013 @12:08PM The Linux Backdoor Attempt of 2003
Wednesday October 09, 2013 @11:20AM South African Education Department Bans Open Source Software
Wednesday October 09, 2013 @11:14AM Kickstarter For Open Source GPU
Wednesday October 09, 2013 @11:09AM The Linux Backdoor Attempt of 2003
Wednesday October 09, 2013 @10:51AM Kickstarter for open source GPU
Wednesday October 09, 2013 @07:25AM Kickstarter: Open Source Graphics Processor
Tuesday October 08, 2013 @12:03PM Google's Open Source Director says open source world can be "brutal"
Tuesday October 08, 2013 @09:32AM Milestone: The Millionth UK-Made Raspberry Pi
Monday October 07, 2013 @07:00PM Chromium To Support Wayland
Saturday October 05, 2013 @11:48AM Ask Slashdot: Best Open Source Project For a Router/Wi-Fi Access Point?
Thursday October 03, 2013 @10:33AM Ex-Red Hat Employee Matthew Garrett Comments On the State of XMir
Thursday October 03, 2013 @05:40AM Portuguese Government Set on Increasing Use of Open Source
Wednesday October 02, 2013 @10:29AM AMD Brings 3D GPU Documentation Up To Date
Wednesday October 02, 2013 @06:33AM AMD Posts a Horde of New 3D GPU Documentation
Tuesday October 01, 2013 @02:25PM Former Microsoft Privacy Chief Doesn't Trust Company, Uses Open Source Software
Monday September 30, 2013 @07:17PM GNUPanel 2.0 – Crowdfunding campaign details
Saturday September 28, 2013 @10:06PM Why Free Software Is More Important Now Than Ever Before
Saturday September 28, 2013 @06:18AM New Unix Implementation Turns 30
Thursday September 26, 2013 @03:58PM Sparkfun's Entire Open Hardware Catalog Made Available On Upverter
Thursday September 26, 2013 @02:59PM The MinnowBoard is a Low-Cost, Open Hardware Single-Board Computer (Video)
Thursday September 26, 2013 @10:17AM VLC Reaches 2.1
Wednesday September 25, 2013 @11:09AM Frameworks 5: KDE Libraries Reworked Into Portable Qt Modules
Wednesday September 25, 2013 @08:59AM Frameworks 5: KDE Libraries Reworked into Qt Modules
Tuesday September 24, 2013 @09:06AM NVIDIA To Begin Releasing Open-Source GPU Documentation
Tuesday September 24, 2013 @08:10AM NVIDIA to provide documentation for Nouveau
Monday September 23, 2013 @07:50PM Fedora Project Turns 10
Sunday September 22, 2013 @10:24PM Crowdfunding Platform For Drupal Development Launches
Saturday September 21, 2013 @02:56PM Ultimaker Debuts Ultimaker 2 3D Printer With Open Source Cura Software
Saturday September 21, 2013 @11:12AM Twelve Keynote Videos From LinuxCon 2013
Thursday September 19, 2013 @07:49AM OpenZFS Project Launches, Uniting ZFS Developers
Wednesday September 18, 2013 @12:26PM Cyanogen Mod Goes Commercial To Make "Available On Everything, To Everyone"
Tuesday September 17, 2013 @09:42PM New Operating System Seeks To Replace Linux In the Cloud
Tuesday September 17, 2013 @12:02PM GNOME 3.10 Is Now Properly Supported On Wayland

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