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Quake First Person Shooters (Games)

Quake3 v1.30 Final Is Out 221

ipoverscsi writes: "A new Quake3 binary is out for both Linux and Windows. This is supposedly the final release of the game for all time. You can get the new version 1.3 at FilePlanet or your regular pusher. Mirrors would be good as the hour+ wait will only get worse." Ant provides a link to this thread on Blue's News (including a mirror) as well.
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Quake3 v1.30 Final Is Out

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  • by Mr. Buckaroo ( 75837 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @06:02AM (#2362848)
    Note the 1998 date.

    This was well published at the time, and if I recall correctly, promptly fixed.

    I realize it is good measure to always be concerned about security. Keeping in mind past exploits is always a good way to foster security awareness, but I think in this case your point is without merrit.

    Id's team takes quality of work fairly seriously. Also, consider how many people attempt to break protection on Quake and how many folks are involved in its dev scene.

    I would personally be surprised if they ever screw up like that again.
  • by Masem ( 1171 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @07:01AM (#2362925)
    Fileplanet *used* to be a good mirroring of many popular game files. Then Gamespy got greedy, and started to change everything; the number of FP mirrors dropped significantly, and then of late, they *require* you to log in to download something, and even then, you have to wait in their so-called queue because their FTP servers are so slow and heavily used. And unfortunately a lot of game companies release their patches through FilePlanet exclusively (at least for the first week), presumably because of their 'mirroring' abilitiy.

    Fileplanet needs to take a less from a site like Tucows; mirror and mirror often. Even if there were only 10 US mirrors instead of 3 or 4, they'd be much better off and I'd have less of a problem with them requiring a login. But as it stands, many alternative gaming sites are picking up the slack, such as, which while not having the polish of FP, does have the files and capacity of it.

  • by ewhac ( 5844 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @07:29AM (#2362960) Homepage Journal

    Your Half-Life numbers are a bit disingenuous, as the crushing majority of "Half-Life" servers are actually serving TeamFortress Classic and CounterStrike. There are comparatively few HL servers running straight HL deathmatch (not to be confused with DeathMatch Classic, which attempts to recreate original Quake deathmatch, but with brand new art).

    As for the rest: Though the technique has been shown to me, I have yet to develop any bunny-hopping skill. Frankly, I have enough trouble shooting straight without having to worry about whether I'm turning the right amount in the middle of a jump. Don't get me wrong; I've spec'ed rather skilled bunny-hoppers, and it's very impressive when it's done well, but at my current skill level, it's a hopeless distraction.

    You can't control a map with 5 second item respawns, [ ... ]

    Whenever I can, I play deathmatch mode 3 (weaponstay). I detest deathmatch mode 1, since it basically turns the whole thing into a game of keep-away (which is about as fun for me as it originally was in the schoolyard). It's especially bad on DM3 (The Abandoned Base) in Quake{World}. "Kwitcher whinin'," I hear you say, "and go develop your 5k1llz." Well, thanks. Just how, in practical terms, do I go about doing that without some advice? Doing it on one's own tends not to yield helpful results: *blam* "Well, that didn't work." *blam* "That didn't work, either." *blam* "Fragged me again." *blam* "Nope, he's still not injured." *blam* "So he's got -- what? -- 90 rockets by now?" *ZOT!* "Oh, I guess he got bored with the rocket launcher." *blam* "Sigh..."

    I agree that Q3 rockets are too slow, and that they impact and detonate in a manner most unfamiliar to longtime Quake{World} players.


  • Re:Quite Sad (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Eugene O'Neil ( 140081 ) on Friday September 28, 2001 @09:59AM (#2363329)

    Why do so many people assume that just because something is old, it must be obsolete? Characterizing Quake III arena as "old" epitomizes this attitude almost to the point of self-parody. If you think that is old, you may be shocked to learn that some people still play DOOM. I like to play Fallout 2, which does not even have a first-person-perspective 3D game engine. Some people even play games that date back to the dark ages before computers were invented: games with eldrich names like "Poker" and "baseball". Oh, the horror!

    The point should not be how new a game is, or how technologically advance it is: the point should be how much FUN it is. I feel sorry for anyone who loses track of this basic truth.

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