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Star Wars: Galaxies Preview 224

LukeG writes " has just gone live with a brand new preview of Lucas Arts' upcoming MMORPG, Star Wars: Galaxies. This game represents what could turn out to be the most popular online universe ever-created, especially if Everquest creators Verant can deliver the goods as fans hope. "
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Star Wars: Galaxies Preview

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  • by Metrollica ( 552191 ) <m etrollica AT hotmail D0T com> on Tuesday February 12, 2002 @08:08PM (#2997394) Homepage Journal
    Some may want to check out the official sites here [] and here [] or the FAQ on the game here. []
  • by Innominate Recreant ( 557409 ) on Tuesday February 12, 2002 @08:23PM (#2997492)
    This review seems to have gotten all of its information - including screenshots - from the official website []. There's no insider information, no developer/producer interviews, and the technical information is... well... lacking. For example: "Well, I can tell you that the game will likely be utilising modems, so expect some slow play with all of those worlds to contend with... " Yikes.

    Not only that, the author can't even get his Star Wars (or planetary systems) facts stright: "Obviously, the game will be set in the Star Wars universe (duh), but is not confined to just a single planet (hence the 'Galaxies' bit)" - Since when has any Star Wars episode been limited to one planet? And if there are multiple galaxies, it will certainly be a departure from the Star Wars mythology.

    Let the site get slashdotted - wait for the game to be released and wait for a real review.

    Just my $0.02

    Inominate Recreant - in the code business for 22 years

  • by Manaz ( 46799 ) on Tuesday February 12, 2002 @08:30PM (#2997524) Homepage
    And not just because of it's heritage and geek appeal either.

    The lead designer for SWG is Raph Koster. Most of you probably don't know who Raph Koster is - but you'd know (or at least know of) his work. Does Ultima Online [] ring any bells? Raph Koster was the lead developer for UO for quite some time - from it's introduction through until the introduction of the second expansion (and possibly a bit longer than that). UO was VERY popular - at least in part due to Raph's influence. He has shown an ability to work with a product which has a heritage (people have been playing Ultima since the days of the Apple ][e), and the ability to work with someone important to that heritage (Richard Garriott in the case of UO). So I can't see the heritage SWG inherits from the SW movies, or the involvement of George Lucas, being a problem to him at all as he goes about developing what should be another successful MMORPG.

    All in all, I wish Raph, and the other developers, the best of luck, and I am definately looking forward to seeing how SWG goes once it's released. I may even play it! :)
  • Mirror Here.... (Score:2, Informative)

    by Mish ( 50810 ) on Tuesday February 12, 2002 @08:37PM (#2997557)
    Looks like the site has been slashed already...

    Here's a mirror (All four pages are now one :)
  • by Moonshadow ( 84117 ) on Tuesday February 12, 2002 @09:29PM (#2997770)
    Poor Jar-Jar...he's just a misunderstood genius [].

    (Disclaimer: I'm as much a Jar-Jar hater as the rest...I just needed a way to post this :))

  • by LoseNotLooseGuy ( 554808 ) on Wednesday February 13, 2002 @01:30AM (#2998681) Homepage Journal

    if you cant keep the momentem (hype) up, you loose

    Ignoring for the moment the many other issues I have with your post, this verb simply makes no sense here. "If you can't keep the hype up, you let loose or release..." what, exactly? Or perhaps you were looking for the word lose, indicating a failure to win.

    Congratulations! You have been participant #31 in my campaign to rid Slashdot of this error.

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