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Golden Tee Golf - Major Injury Hazard 24

Thanks to for their local news report discussing the massive popularity of U.S. arcade game Golden Tee Golf. According to the piece, "Since Golden Tee was released in 1996, at least 100,000 machines have popped up in bars and restaurants across North America." Unsurprisingly, the game developers suggest: "I think you'll find many players who say they're better after three or four beers." But drinking and golfing leads to danger, since the control method is "..a track ball that is half submerged in the machine.. the faster the ball spins, the further the shot flies. Sometimes, eager golfers put a little too much oomph on their drives. The Brass, a popular Golden Tee hangout on Princess Street, has had three players accidentally smash their hands through the video screens on both of the bar's machines."
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Golden Tee Golf - Major Injury Hazard

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  • by Hank Reardon ( 534417 ) on Monday July 21, 2003 @03:53AM (#6489025) Homepage Journal
    I used to go to a tavern quite often where they had three of these machines. My friend and I would play one of them for hours on end.

    One evening, a rather drunk foresome (heh) was doing the old "smash-the-shit-out-of-the-game" routine and one of the guys slipped forward a bit too much. With a rather large crash, he shattered the glass above the monitor and sliced the crap out of his hand. Naturally, hilarity insued and nobody could stop laughing. It seems that alchohol makes blood funny.

    After getting cleaned up and bandaged with a bar towel, one of the bartenders came out to sweep the floor. Meanwhile, the extremely drunk foresome moved to the next machine.

    Mr. Bloody-stump proceded to use his uncut hand for another brilliant stroke -- obviously thinking that since it's happened once, it can't happen again -- and smashes his other hand into the screen cover with similar results.

    When we spoke to the bartenders about this after last call, the said it happens about every two weeks.

    The next week, all of the protective covers were Lexan.

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