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Max Payne 2 Previewed 31

The first previews of Max Payne 2 have hit the web. GameSpot has their first look up. Additionally, the good folks over at GameSpy have their take on it up as well. The folks at Remedy and Rockstar describe the sequel as a "film noir love story," and as previously mentioned, Max will have a love interest this time around.
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Max Payne 2 Previewed

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  • One more time. (Score:4, Insightful)

    by August_zero ( 654282 ) on Wednesday August 13, 2003 @01:30PM (#6687661)
    I liked the first game, its one of the few games that was hyped more than the second coming of Jesus, and still delivered a solid and most of all enjoyable game. For this reason, I am looking forward to the sequel.

    Perfect? no, of course not. But it was fun. It's one of the only 3rd person shooters that I have played that had solid controls and most of all, the aiming was good enough that you could actually hit your target. The Bullet time while definately a gimick, was a really good gimick. If you want to see just how good they implemented "bullet time" in Max Payne Play Dead To Rights sometime, and see how poorly Namco used it in their Max Payne Rip Off.
  • by tprime ( 673835 ) on Wednesday August 13, 2003 @02:00PM (#6688003)
    I am going to holdoff on getting all "giddy" over Max Payne 2. Please remember who is behind this whole thing: 3DRealms. When I actually can walk to the local best buy and see the game for sale, not pre order, I will be excited. We have had, over the past 5 years or so, a plethora or cool screenshots and wild game trailers from 3DRealms. Their other "oh my god", "I can't wait", "...going to revolutionize games", "WHEN ITS DONE" game is still being waited for.

    I know that I sound cynical, but DNF has made me a bitter gamer.
  • the game ended (Score:3, Insightful)

    by prichardson ( 603676 ) on Wednesday August 13, 2003 @04:16PM (#6689110) Journal
    Max Payne's story ended. There is no room for a sequel. All they are doing anyway is recycling the few characters who survived. I really liked how Max Payne ended ambiguously. This new game destroys that. All they are doing is banking on the excelence of Max Payne. If I were them I would make a game of the same quality, but write a new story. They could even say "from the makers of Max Payne" on the box. Anything that doesn't ruin the ending of the original.
  • Re:the game ended (Score:3, Insightful)

    by JFMulder ( 59706 ) on Wednesday August 13, 2003 @09:42PM (#6691428)

    Yeah but in some way, we'd all like to play another film noir game like Max Payne since the first one was so good. So if the game looks like Max Payne, play's like Max Payne and is written like Max Payne, then why the hell not call it Max Payne 2? It's not as if you're going to fool anyone if you call it something else. It's the same company who does the game.

    But I agree with you tough on one point, the ending was really nice, and I can't really see a way for him to get out of his relatively unscathed. I mean, this isn't some Hollywood ending story. They better come up with something good to explain how he got out of this. But even if the explanation is bad, that won't certainly not prevent me from at least renting it when it comes out.

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