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Unreal University Impressions 13

Demondo writes "Well the first annual Unreal University weekend is over, and based on the numerous pictures, videos, and impressions people are giving it seems that Epic Games, 3DBuZZ / Mastering Unreal, and the sponsors (Center for Digital Entertainment and nvidia) have pulled it off quite successfully. I just hope that I can go next year."
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Unreal University Impressions

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  • Forget Unreal University, I'm more interested in Beer University [angrynakedpat.com]...
    • Why attend Unreal U 2004? Because any real university experience (tuition, class sizes) will leave you reeling and thinking "how unreal" anyway . . . crying in your brew at the U.
  • Unreal University (Score:4, Informative)

    by cknight52 ( 718117 ) on Tuesday November 11, 2003 @12:57PM (#7445178)
    I attended the Unreal University event, and I would just like to say some things about how the event went. First and foremost, Bravo to Epic and Atari for even planning something like this. I can't think of any way that is better for drumming up support for both the Unreal Engine, and the MOD community. It's involvment like this that will hopefully keep Epic games fresh. The people who were "working" the event were quite approachable, and seemed geniunely interested in your thoughts and opinions. Again, Bravo. Also, they had a LAN party where we got to play Unreal Tournament 2004, and I must say the game is very well done. With additions of new game types, new weapon types, and Awesome vehicles, this is definitely not a resting on your laurels type of release. Just wanted to put that out there, and hope that anyone who got to go had as great a time and impression of Epic/Atari as I did!

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