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Title Fight For Best All-Time Game Scheduled 167

Decaffeinated Jedi writes "Title Fight: The Ultimate Gaming Grudge -- a tournament in which gamers can vote to determine the greatest game of all time -- is underway at GameSpy. The rules for the tournament are simple: '64 games enter, one game leaves.' Polls are now open for the qualifying round, allowing gamers to choose titles from a wide range of genres that will eventually comprise approximately half of the 64-game final bracket. Qualifying will last until February 22, and first-round voting will begin on February 23." This is somewhat reminiscent of the GameFAQs Character Battle tournaments, but featuring entire games, not just videogame characters - predictions for the finalists and overall winner are welcome.
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Title Fight For Best All-Time Game Scheduled

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  • by Jodiamonds ( 226053 ) on Friday February 20, 2004 @04:31PM (#8343051)
    Because there are more and more gamers as each year goes by, the winner is extremely likely to be one of the more recent games to come out, just due to the population explosion.

    You can bet 8-bit games won't win this one, while something like Grand Theft Auto has a huge audience to vote for it (even if only a relatively small percent actually vote).
  • Re:My prediction (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Mukaikubo ( 724906 ) <gtg430b.prism@gatech@edu> on Friday February 20, 2004 @04:46PM (#8343213) Journal
    It was extremely disappointing to see FF7 beating FF6 so handily. Kids these days and their "3-D characters". Bah, I say.
  • by seraph93 ( 560551 ) on Friday February 20, 2004 @07:57PM (#8345549)
    Quick, everybody, which was a better game, River City Ransom or Civilization? Fallout or Quake? Castlevania or Dance Dance Revolution? Apparently the people at GameSpy don't agree with me, but I don't really think that a meaningful comparison can be made between many of the games.

    GameSpy readers seem to be no brighter than the editors. For example, in the text adventure category (which Nethack does not belong in, btw), Adventure is miles ahead of Planetfall right now. A plotless game with a verb-noun parser outshining one of the best stories in all of video gaming. Nice.

    And there are so many missing games! Where's Wasteland? What about Master of Orion? Rampage? Metal Slug? What about that little-known series from Nintendo, Metroid? How can anyone hold a "Best Game Ever" contest that's missing so many games, and still keep a straight face? By being GameSpy, I guess.

    I suppose it shouldn't be much of a surprise to me: GameSpy sucks. Maybe it'll be good for a laugh when it's all done with. I can't wait to read the inevitable Penny Arcade strip that mocks this travesty.

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