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Title Fight For Best All-Time Game Scheduled 167

Decaffeinated Jedi writes "Title Fight: The Ultimate Gaming Grudge -- a tournament in which gamers can vote to determine the greatest game of all time -- is underway at GameSpy. The rules for the tournament are simple: '64 games enter, one game leaves.' Polls are now open for the qualifying round, allowing gamers to choose titles from a wide range of genres that will eventually comprise approximately half of the 64-game final bracket. Qualifying will last until February 22, and first-round voting will begin on February 23." This is somewhat reminiscent of the GameFAQs Character Battle tournaments, but featuring entire games, not just videogame characters - predictions for the finalists and overall winner are welcome.
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Title Fight For Best All-Time Game Scheduled

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  • by Mukaikubo ( 724906 ) <gtg430b.prism@gatech@edu> on Friday February 20, 2004 @04:17PM (#8342829) Journal
    I mean really, just go look at the qualifying 'fights'. Among prominent losers:

    X-COM: UFO Defense Nethack The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past

    and so on.
    • by Vaevictis666 ( 680137 ) on Friday February 20, 2004 @04:24PM (#8342945)
      This is what happens when you're voting for "best from a category" - if they had done a 20-vote multiselect on the whole list rather than radio boxes on the categories, yes it would've come out different.

      OTOH, keep in mind that this is just for half the spots - I'd be surprised if none of the 2nd-runners-up made it into the final 64 in staff picks.

      • Oh, tell me about it! Donkey Kong, for its strengths, is NOT the best classic arcade game! Most of the people voting on this have never even heard of Tempest or Robotron, and only know of Donkey Kong because it's by Miyamoto. Not that he doesn't make great games, but let's face it, he was just learning his craft back then. Practically every poll on the list has some tragic wrongness to it. It saddens me greatly to see almighty Rampart's fortunes so abysmally low.
  • First Post! (Score:5, Funny)

    by Dh2000 ( 71834 ) on Friday February 20, 2004 @04:17PM (#8342831) Journal
    Well? Isn't that the game all slashdotters are playing? :)
  • by OgdEnigmaX ( 535667 ) on Friday February 20, 2004 @04:20PM (#8342893)
    Whaaa? Nethack is lumped in [] with Infocom games and Adventure...
    • Yeah, a bit funny. Just about to vote for Suspended, in retrospect probably the most unusual game I've ever played, when my 3 AM brain notices Nethack at the bottom of the list. Good adventure... or the grand adventure. Tough choice. Had to be the grand adventure.

      And then I trudged on, puzzled by these odd categories (Best Tony Hawk Game? The one favored by barkeepers as a coaster... The Best GTA Game? "Minor Traffic Violation", bleah, who cares...), and got boundlessly frustrated when the noobs don't kno

  • by Snowspinner ( 627098 ) * <<ude.lfu> <ta> <dnaslihp>> on Friday February 20, 2004 @04:24PM (#8342954) Homepage
    And since Gamespy skews towards newer gamers against Nintendo, my guess is on a GTA3 victory.

    As for Nethack under text adventures, well, it doesn't have any graphics?

    That or Gamespy is stupid.

    Probably the latter.
  • This is impossible (Score:5, Insightful)

    by superpulpsicle ( 533373 ) on Friday February 20, 2004 @04:28PM (#8343006)
    How can you group fighting games, RPG, sports, action and everything else in between with one pool of good games.

    Not to mention the different age groups.
  • by Cebu ( 161017 ) on Friday February 20, 2004 @04:29PM (#8343017)
    The initial qualifying polls seem to show a certain limiting view already. How this claim to be anywhere close to a good measure of "greatest videogame of all time"?

    Granted I do realize this isn't at all serious, but having such odd catagorizations for the initial polls seems odd. We have such wonderfully unrelated qualifying polls such as "8-bit / 16-bit platformers" versus "Mario series" and "Mario Kart series". They want to know which "Pokemon series" game we love the most (or possibly hate the most, or have even seen). Who said anything about "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series" games being some of the best games of all time?

    • Agreed. If it's not that serious, they should just choose their favorite 64 games to start with. After all, everyone has their own personal favorite game, and GameSpy couldn't possibly include them all for qualifying.

      At least the GameFAQs character battles don't try and fool anyone into thinking they're actually measuring the best game characters ever. They're pretty much unashamed popularity contests, but it's still interesting to see how people vote.
    • And what about Doom, the greatest game of all time?

      ZDoom source port []
      Doomworld []
      Usenet group [computer.doom.editing]
      my Doom site []

  • Elder Scrolls? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by (trb001) ( 224998 ) on Friday February 20, 2004 @04:30PM (#8343032) Homepage
    I don't see a category that Morrowind would fall under. Granted, it's a new(er) game, but without a doubt one of the most open ended, longest, replayable and fun RPGs I've ever played.

  • by Jodiamonds ( 226053 ) on Friday February 20, 2004 @04:31PM (#8343051)
    Because there are more and more gamers as each year goes by, the winner is extremely likely to be one of the more recent games to come out, just due to the population explosion.

    You can bet 8-bit games won't win this one, while something like Grand Theft Auto has a huge audience to vote for it (even if only a relatively small percent actually vote).
    • Statistical fun (Score:2, Insightful)

      by OgdEnigmaX ( 535667 )
      Good point. Now, if Gamespy could record and make the age breakdown of the voting block publicly available, there'd be a lot of fun statisticking to be done.

      "Looking at the data here, it's no surprise at all that so few voted for Missile Command [], only such-and-such percent of the voters were even *alive*, let alone of gaming age, when that was in popular circulation!"
    • by mrpuffypants ( 444598 ) * <> on Friday February 20, 2004 @06:11PM (#8344447)
      GTA3 and Vice city were Really Good games. Just because you may think that an 8-bit game is better back in the day doesn't mean that nothing will ever supercede it.

      I can see this same logic applied to FPS games back when Half-Life came out: "Well, just because half-life came out this year it's going to get all the awards while Wolf3D is really a good game as well." Yeah! No shit newer games may get awards...could it be possible that they are...better?!?!
      • I believe the point is that the playing field is skewed by the age of the readership and thus what they've been exposed to. It is certainly *possible*, and in many cases true, that many newer games are better than their older counterparts...but you can't trust someone without working familiarity with (or even awareness of) all games in a given category to be able to choose the best of them. If I say that The Maltese Falcon is a far superior film to Casablanca, it's a totally meaningless claim because I ha
  • Not to be picky (ok, I am being picky), but their Castlevania listing is hardly complete.

    I can remember playing a Castlevania on the original GameBoy which isn't listed there, and wasn't there one for N64?

    Gamespy should know better than to skimp on things when catering to the obsessive set that is gamers.
    • I would sort of expect the MSX2 version to be there. It was, after all, the _very first_ of the series...
    • Not to be picky (ok, I am being picky), but their Castlevania listing is hardly complete.

      Now that you mention it looks like a few of their other listing aren't complete either. For example, I believe that there were more than 16 games in the category of "8-bet / 16 bit platform game". And wasn't there a grand theft auto game before III? Or a mega man game between 4 and 8 other than "X".

      Oh wait, maybe they're not trying to list every game ever made. I think a more reasonable criticism is how many games the

  • missing titles (Score:5, Informative)

    by an_mo ( 175299 ) on Friday February 20, 2004 @04:33PM (#8343076) Journal
    spacesims: missing freespace 2
    I also couldn't find descent, the best game ever
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday February 20, 2004 @04:35PM (#8343086)
    These kinds of contests are rediculous.

    Game experiences are so relative to the gamer, and there are so many conflicting genres, you can't possibly chose any "best game of all time".

    You might get away with a genre based "best of all time" contest at least, but even then you're really not going to find one pinnacle title because so many others do different things well.

  • I am not that old, but I can clearly see that the demo for gamespy is younger than I.

    There is no WAY Grim Fandango should beat Maniac Mansion. just NO WAY!
    • as I read on it becomes more absurd.

      Gabriel Knight beating Kings Quest 4 ? - That is a travesty, I played teh Gabrial Knight II game and it sucked compared to the earlier sierra titles.

      And of course reading that Symphony of the Night is beating Simon's Quest makes me want to give on on society and move off into the woods.
      There is no competition here.... one of the glaring problems with the Castlevania series has been that its all down hill since Simon's Quest.... cleary the majority of voters jsut don't
  • My prediction (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Cecil ( 37810 ) on Friday February 20, 2004 @04:42PM (#8343164) Homepage
    I predict the final to be a bitter, violent battle to the death between the Final Fantasy 7 Fanbois, and the Diablo 2 Drones. I don't think that any other two genres have a strong enough support foundation to make it. And those two specific games are the ones handily leading those genres at the moment.

    And I don't think it really needs to be said, but this poll, along with anything coming out of GameSpy makes Slashdot polls look scientific.

    Approval voting is such an underutilized concept. It makes sense in most cases in my opinion, but at the very least, it makes sense to narrow down large fields into smaller ones for more targetted voting. What a waste. X-COM should really get at least into the semi-finals, but I suspect it won't even make the qualifiers.
    • Re:My prediction (Score:3, Interesting)

      by Mukaikubo ( 724906 )
      It was extremely disappointing to see FF7 beating FF6 so handily. Kids these days and their "3-D characters". Bah, I say.
      • On the other hand, if it was just about graphics, FFX or X-2 would have easily won. Obviously people aren't just voting for FF7's "ohhhh, shiney" factor, because there's plenty of other shinier FFs these days. Of course, I was somewhat annoyed that Final Fantasy Tactics was nowhere to be found. Oh well.
        • There's only so much utter shit in plot terms that even the ADD-inflicted Square Kiddies* can tolerate. FF6 had an outstanding story, FF7 a good one, and the later ones were bah.

          *To be distinguished from the many intelligent, rational fans. I think everyone knows someone like whom I'm talking about.
        • Re:My prediction (Score:4, Insightful)

          by BTWR ( 540147 ) <americangibor3&yahoo,com> on Friday February 20, 2004 @05:25PM (#8343747) Homepage Journal
          Well, to the kiddies today, 1999's Final Fantasy 7 is "nostalgia."

          I used to babysit a kid and I asked him if he ever played the original Super Mario Bros. He said "Yeah! I own it!" and he put it in the machine. Sure enough, on the screen comes "It's-a-me... Mahhhhhrio!" - he thought Super Mario 64 was the original Super Mario game!
    • That last category was just terrible. By which I mean that it was awesome. But only having one vote to spread among that selection of classics was mind-wrenching.

      I voted for Chrono Trigger. And that hurt. Because it was right under XCom. And...argh...too painful.

      I am a betrayer.
  • ...I don't think the gaming public is qualified to choose the best game of all time.
  • Incredible (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Snowspinner ( 627098 ) *
    I just went through all 34 categories, and never once did I pick the winning game.

    (Note: In some categories, I didn't vote because I hadn't played enough of the games.)

    Mega Man 2 beat by Mega Man X?
    Civ2 beat by Civ3?
    Quake 3 beat by Quake 2?

    Gabriel Knight outperforming Kings Quest's IV-VI combined?
    Ultima Online as the best Ultima?

    I knew Gamespy readers were dumb, but wow.
    • Any ONE person who votes Civ 3 better than Civ 2 is a travesty.
      • Any ONE person who votes Civ 3 better than Civ 2 is a travesty.

        Sorry, but the lack of borders in Civ 2 almost completely undermine the game. You can have had fortified soldiers within 2 squares of a city for dozens of turns, but the second that the AI decides to build a city within 2 squares of the soldiers, the computer gets to force you to move, or else YOU are held responsible for breaking the peace treaty.

        Civ 2 did a few things better than 3 (I never got tired of the high council or wonder movies
      • Re:Incredible (Score:3, Insightful)

        by Maserati ( 8679 )
        Civ 3 is far more involved strategically than Civ 2 was. Just the addition of the Culture rating makes it a significantly deeper game. And with Luxuries and Resources, Civ3 becomes a very different game - trade with the AI is much richer. The strategic thinking required for Civ3 is closely akin to Go in how you have to plan out your expansion. You have to cast your net widely, but not leave gaps where an AI could snag a luxury or resource from you.

        I played a lot of Civ2. For Civ3...

        "Hi, my name is Maserat
  • I hardly think FF7 is the best game ever produced, but I'm calling it right now...there's just so many tifa fanboys it's GOTTA win. Personally, I think the laurels should go to Mario 64. Sure, I think there are a lot of games that are more technically impressive (Halo), have better stories (FF6 / FFX), but Mario 64 is really what bridged the gap for me between 2D and 3D gaming. Everything about it, from the new controller to it's vivid 3d world was just amazing to me. I really have some great memories of
    • Wow...for me it is so difficult for me even to begin as to which is the best game of all-time is...there have been so many great games over the years...i cant choose...i wouldn't be suprised if it were a mario game though. Over the years, maroi games have been favored by many because of its incerdibly simple yet incredibly fun gameplay...
  • by Mirkon ( 618432 ) <mirkon AT gmail DOT com> on Friday February 20, 2004 @04:53PM (#8343301) Homepage
    Honestly, it would have been difficult to do a worse job on the qualifying crap. How can you take a single Final Fantasy on one hand, then use the other to decide between Diablo and its own sequel? How is it that only one among the Marios or Zeldas will progress, while an Age of Empires or GTA3/VC is guaranteed qualification? How can you put Chrono Trigger, River City Ransom, and Perfect Dark in the "potpurri" category?

    And considering it was mentioned on the front article page, where the hell is Starcraft?
  • Okay, did anyone else see what should have been the obvious option under Pokemon? I didn't see "None of the Above" anywhere.

    • Re:Not fair (Score:2, Insightful)

      by Tom7 ( 102298 )
      The Pokemon games were really good. I'd place Pokemon red/blue under as my third or fourth favorite RPG of all time, and I didn't play it until I was 21.
  • I notice that, in many cases, more recent games are winning out over the older classics. I suspect that the target demographic of this poll has something to do with this...Perfect Dark with more votes than Prince of Persia? Hmm...
  • Let's generalize a step further:

    "Best work of art ever"

    Or even two:

    "Best thing ever"

    How can the result be meaningful to anybody or make the world a better place?
    • I don't think the poll was meant to hold any thing meaningful. Its just a chance for game fans to Vote on what their favorite game of all-time is...instead of argueing mindlessly over the subject...
      • I don't think the poll was meant to hold any thing meaningful. Its just a chance for game fans to Vote on what their favorite game of all-time is...instead of argueing mindlessly over the subject.

        Why not do neither?
  • That is all. GO home now, nothing to see here. If Tetris doesn't win, it's a travesty.
  • Popularity Contest (Score:5, Insightful)

    by cgenman ( 325138 ) on Friday February 20, 2004 @05:09PM (#8343540) Homepage
    I bet if you took a poll of the best movies of all time of the moviegoers in the United States today, you would find very few instances of films released before 1990. You would find very few art-house releases. You would find very few releases without a lot of blood and / or action. In fact, you would probably find that if you did that movie poll on GameSpy, The Matrix would come out #1.

    Why? Because it was popular.

    No gamer who has played the genius that was Gunstar Heroes walked away without being impressed, yet the game sold relatively poorly. Now look where it is... losing to duck tales. Castlevania IV was revolutionary for its time, yet it is losing badly to Opera of Tragedy, a clear Super Metroid clone. Dracula X hardly registers on the scale, despite being a truly superior game overall, yet never having had a proper US release.

    Pitting Perfect Dark against River City Ransom is like putting Bettie Davis as she is today on a stage and having her mocked by the Star Search talent of the moment for her wrinkles and her frail old body. Clearly River City Ransom didn't hold up very well to the rigors of aging, but in its day it could walk off with any player it introduced itself to. And it deserved to, too.

    Many great games aren't on this list at all, yet were truly worthy contenders for their time. Gargoyle's Quest? Strider? Smash TV? Sega's Heavyweight Boxing? Teleroboxer? Einhander? Herizogs Wei? Rocket Knight Adventures? EWJ? Lunar? 7th Guest? Out of this World? Little Nemo? Skate or Die? Puzzlefighter? Tetris MUST be on there somewhere, but I have yet to find it. Castlevania 2 is obviously only under consideration because of Nepotism, but where then is Castlevania 64?

    Obviously this poll is an unofficial popularity contest, and an unfortunately limited one at that. Why not just take every game in their index that got higher than a 7.5, and weed them out over the weeks to a true victor using a random distribution system rather than fixed competitors, with players given the option of "never played that." Only the games with the highest percentage of choices would advance, and the cycle would repeat.

    That would be fair. This? This is going to be a popularity contest, with the prom queen coming out on top.

    • you would find very few instances of films released before 1990.

      I disagree. I think most movie snobs are actually biased AGAINST modern movies. Take "enlightened" movie people like the AFI or (haha) Harry Knowles. They gizz all over some 1932 "Frankenstein meets Tarzan" movie but don't give modern movies their props (except LOtR, which I'm sure Knowles literally masterbates to). When the AFI top 100 movies came out they were mostly films from 1960's and that era.
      • I disagree. I think most movie snobs are actually biased AGAINST modern movies.

        I bet if you took a poll of the best movies of all time of the moviegoers in the United States today

        Considering the parent post is referring to Joe Averages who see movies, you argument about movie snobs is moot. And the parent post is probably right. If there was a WIDESPREAD GENERAL PUBLIC poll between Casablanca and the LOTR (any of the three), chances are the LOTR movie would win by a landslide.

        • my bad. i didn't see that part of parent's post. i agree with your lotr vs. casablanca thing, and i still feel that movie snobs are the opposite. In fact, movie snobs are worse. At least the average watcher can like both (Yes, I'd be shocked if out of 100 people, movies like The Wizard of Oz and Godfather don't make at least 50% of people's top 25 movies), but movie goers will NEVER admit to liking a movie that they're not supposed to like. "Maybe" they'll admit to liking something that isn't normal bu
    • I bet if you took a poll of the best movies of all time of the moviegoers in the United States today, you would find very few instances of films released before 1990.

      IMDB user rankings [] puts The Godfather first, and it was early 1970s.

  • I think it will be difficult to sort out the popular games from the good games. Sure lots of popular games are good but often the best are second or third place winners. Of course this is all just my lowly opinion, feel free to flame. Also comparing some games will be like comparing apples and oranges, you'll be able to find a pretty damn good apple and a pretty damn good orange but how will you be able to judge which is better?
  • These voters are fucken insane.

    Quake 2 beats both Quake 1 and Quake III?
    Mario Kart 64 beats Super Mario Kart?!?!

    • I voted QuakeII because Action Quake II rocked my world.

      QIII was more of a demo for the engine; and things based on that engine were much better games, IMHO.
      • Wasn't Action Quake II just a mod for Quake II? There are plenty of great Quake III TCs.

        Quake II was a decent game, but it only gently improved (if you can call it that) on Quake I. On the other hand, Quake III was a giant step forward (at least in terms of graphics and AI). IMO Q1 stands head and shoulders above 2 and 3, so de-empasize the "Quake 3" part of my ?!?!?! ;)
    • I must be insane too, because I preferred Mario Kart 64 to Super Mario Kart.

      Oh dear... apparently I have an opinion that disagrees with yours. I will report myself to the Reeducation Center immediately so that this grevious situation may be corrected.
  • Its so difficult with game polls. They aren't like Books or Film... the tech is so intertwined with the games that anyone who comes after the tech moves on just CAN'T aprpreciate it. Music suffers from the same problem but instead of tech its a cultural thing, you like your music better than your parents because your music reflects your culture.

    This christmas I got the gamecube, and the one thing that shocked me the most was how I discovered that I found the original Legend of Zelda for more engaging and
  • Seems hard to determine which one you should vote for? Just gotta look back and choose the one you spent the most time playing and not getting bored. That's really the best single way to determine it. Maybe not if that was the _only_ game you had to play, but if you had alternatives (and reading a book counts), the game you played the most is probably the 'best.'
  • I know this is just "qualifying", but if this is indeed the definitive list of games that will be used in this thing, these guys are smoking crack. An entire qualifing poll for Age of Empires (all three of them), System Shock (great games, but hardly a class unto itself), and Tony Hawk for God's sake? But no turn-based strategy? Where the hell is Master of Orion and Master of Magic? Three freaking catagories for Adventure titles, but not an RPG outside of Diablo and Final Fantasy? Where the hell are the rac
  • by bluemeep ( 669505 ) <<bluemeep> <at> <>> on Friday February 20, 2004 @05:53PM (#8344187) Homepage
    I wonder... What would it be like if IMDB did a poll like this...?

    *wavy dream sequence lines*

    Tim: "Hey, Bob, would you think Casablanca would be better under Romance or Drama?"
    Bob: "Casawhatta? Why're you wasting poll space with that?"
    Tim: "It's a good movie, Bob."
    Bob: "But it doesn't have any special effects or hot babes."
    Tim: "Ingrid Bergman has her charms."
    Bob: "But she ain't got DD ya-yas, does she?"
    Tim: "...I hate you, Bob."
    Bob: "Shut up and get back to work on the Best Evil Dead Movie category."

  • by Teddy Beartuzzi ( 727169 ) on Friday February 20, 2004 @05:59PM (#8344282) Journal
    I mean really, what fool shows the prior results while you're voting? All it does is skew the voting. Hell, I passed over numerous categories because I could see my choice had 12 votes, and some recent crap thing I never heard of had 3400 votes.

    And as mentioned here already, it's obvious most of the voters weren't even alive when the real quality games were popular.

  • I wonder if Bard's Tale and Prince of Persia would have made it in their potpourri list if they had not had recent remakes. At least they spelled Broderbund right.
  • this is some guy sat down and did up a list of all the popular games he could think of... There are so many games not included under many of these voting catagores that it's not even funny. Like with the "Adventure classics" listing, why wasn't Scorceror included? What about any of the popular Scott Adam's games, or Eamon Quest series... and let's not forget other graphic adventure variants from the exact same time that would go under this catagory such as any of the classic Penguin ("Transilvania", to name
  • by seraph93 ( 560551 ) on Friday February 20, 2004 @07:57PM (#8345549)
    Quick, everybody, which was a better game, River City Ransom or Civilization? Fallout or Quake? Castlevania or Dance Dance Revolution? Apparently the people at GameSpy don't agree with me, but I don't really think that a meaningful comparison can be made between many of the games.

    GameSpy readers seem to be no brighter than the editors. For example, in the text adventure category (which Nethack does not belong in, btw), Adventure is miles ahead of Planetfall right now. A plotless game with a verb-noun parser outshining one of the best stories in all of video gaming. Nice.

    And there are so many missing games! Where's Wasteland? What about Master of Orion? Rampage? Metal Slug? What about that little-known series from Nintendo, Metroid? How can anyone hold a "Best Game Ever" contest that's missing so many games, and still keep a straight face? By being GameSpy, I guess.

    I suppose it shouldn't be much of a surprise to me: GameSpy sucks. Maybe it'll be good for a laugh when it's all done with. I can't wait to read the inevitable Penny Arcade strip that mocks this travesty.

    • Quick, everybody, which was a better game, River City Ransom or Civilization? Fallout or Quake? Castlevania or Dance Dance Revolution?

      A. River City Ransom
      B. Fallout
      C. Castlevania.

      What do I win?
    • Yeah, I noticed that in every single category, if they had a runaway winner, it just happened to be a game made in the last 10 years.

      These kids aren't qualified to judge the difference between Zork, Pitfall or anything from the's all before their time.

      Count 'em, every single major series category that had a game release in the last 10 years, a game from that time period was always chosen as #1.

      • Actually, no. Contra is winning in a category that also contains....

        Contra Hard Corps (Konami, 1994, Genesis)

        Zork is winning in a category that also contains...

        The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Infocom, 1984, C64/Apple II/DOS)

        A Mind Forever Voyaging (Infocom, 1985, C64/Apple II/DOS)
        Trinity (Infocom, 1986, C64/Apple II/PC)

        StreetFighter 2 and Ninja Turtles are winning in a category that contains...

        Daytona USA (Sega, 1994)
        Sega Rally Championship (Sega, 1995)
        Time Crisis (Namco, 1996)
        House of the De

  • What graphic does Slashdot use for "Classic Games"?

    What classic, that spawned almost an entire genre of sequels, ain't even on the list?

    I mean, sure, there are hella great games that didn't make the list. Uniracers for the Super Nintendo isn't here, but while a really incredible game, it was obscure. I've yet to find a single Intellivision title, but okay, that was a long time ago.

    But you gotta tell me, how the heck can they try to do a "Title Fight for the Best All-Time Game" and forget PAC-MAN. It's n
  • voted by readers (gawpers? droolers?) of GameSpy. Can you see the inherent flaw in this plan?

    I say again, no more fucking GameSpy non-stories. We don't want to give them *more* ad revenue.
  • I dunno, but having a category for the Warcraft games, another for the C&C games and anothe for the Age of Empire games, but not one for Starcraft or Total Annihilation, which both have huge community behind them, seems totally wrong... I never was into TA, but it had a huge following. And Starcraft is still said to be the best RTS ever by a lot of people. Most of the people I know and play RTS have just stopped playing the most recent RTSes and gone back to Starcraft Broodwar.
  • Starcraft, KoTOR, Tetris, Doom, UT, Rollercoaster Tycoon(-ish)

    And I weep for the future if Nethack loses.

  • I hope Duke Nukem Forever wins. Oh the irony.
  • more idiocy (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Goldsmith ( 561202 ) on Friday February 20, 2004 @11:36PM (#8346960)
    Did they even notice that they started off the GTA series with GTA III?

    How hard is it to think to yourself: "gee, I wonder if there was a GTA one or two?"

    Given all the other games you can vote for, I would like to see GTA one and two in the catagory devoted to the GTA SERIES! Personally (though I realize I'm in the minority) I would have voted for GTA 1.
  • Let me go down my list that I made recently of my top 15 games (roughly in order, though I'm playing a few of the newer ones at the moment so can't judge them well yet).

    Super Metroid (omitted entirely)
    Wario Ware (omitted entirely...and this was in runner up for GameSpy's game of the year too. Come to think of it, the winner, KotOR, isn't there either).
    Final Fantasy Tactics (omitted entirely)
    Paper Mario (omitted, but it's a cult hit)
    Super Smash Bros (omitted; for both SSB and SSBM)
    Wario's Woods (okay, this
    • Just noticed this:

      Although it's mentioned in the intro, it's important enough to point out again before too many people ask, "AAAAH! where's game xxx!?!" -- if a game isn't in these qualifying polls, that doesn't mean it's not in the full tourney.

      These qualifying polls should determine roughly half the field; we'll be announcing all the final brackets on Monday. There are some pretty obvious omissions in the qualifying polls; I'm sure a lot of people can guess what a lot of those games are. :)

      So feel fr

  • GameFAQs is doing a game battle this spring. Currently taking nominations. Of course, in the end, I think CJay will just use the data to make his own selections. And it'll still be better than GameSpy.

    Plus...filling out brackets! With prizes!

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