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iPod Game Creator, New Games Released 24

XGamerX writes "The iStory Creator is a freeware application used to allow anyone to create their very own custom interactive games for Apple's iPod. There are also a number of freely downloadable games to get you started. The text-based games play similarly to 'choose your own adventure' games." Amusingly, there's a game called 'XOPlay Rampage', referencing the commercially-sold iPod adventures that were previously featured on Slashdot, and in the game: "XOPlay has stolen your ideas and used them for their own greedy purposes. Show them who is boss!"
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iPod Game Creator, New Games Released

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    Your moderate-traffic website has just been posted on slashdot without notice. You are being bombarded with eager viewers, just hoping for another kill. Your bandwidth usage has skyrocketed, slowing the speeds to pre-dialup rates. What do you wish to do now?
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  • by presearch ( 214913 ) * on Monday March 29, 2004 @06:46PM (#8708541)
    ... just creates a network of cross-linked text files..
    I played a game using cross-linked files on Windows once.
    It wasn't very fun.

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