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Interplay On Verge Of Bankruptcy? 50

EvilDonut writes "According to, long-time publisher Interplay is facing possible bankruptcy. Apparently, the company is three months behind in rent, owes almost $280,000 in a mix of outstanding payroll taxes and non-payment penalties for those taxes, and failed to meet its payroll obligations in the middle of this month. Heavy stuff." The piece also notes that, following "the asset-stripping antics of parent company Titus", the company has "lost the rights to publish Baldur's Gate 3 and other future D&D properties, and it may lose the right to continue publishing its Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance titles if it cannot settle a lawsuit from Atari which accuses it of failing to pay royalties on the D&D license." We've previously covered Black Isle's de facto demise, another key part of Interplay's woes.
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Interplay On Verge Of Bankruptcy?

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  • by bishiraver ( 707931 ) on Thursday April 29, 2004 @03:28PM (#9010867) Homepage
    This is what happens when a publisher publishes bad games and scraps good games for even worse games. Case in point: Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. If they had not tried to convert to a console-only publisher, and focused on what they did well: fund good games (Fallout, Baldur's Gate, Descent, Planescape) instead of crap games (Brotherhood of Steel, Hunter: The Reckoning...) they might not be in the ditch they are today.

    Let it be a lesson to the other publishers.. when you publish crap, you go to crap.
  • by dtolman ( 688781 ) <> on Thursday April 29, 2004 @04:03PM (#9011464) Homepage
    Once the development for Fallout 3 was cancelled, it was just a matter of time before the company folded.

    If a company can't continue to publish new titles based on one of its own self-developed intellectual assets, you know its just about done.

  • by Quinn ( 4474 ) on Thursday April 29, 2004 @04:15PM (#9011661) Homepage
    Nobody's riding the golden parachute out of this disaster. The Frenchies ran Interplay into the ground. Turn to InXile and Troika for future enjoyment in the vein of the golden age of Interplay. RIP.
  • Heh. (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Reorax ( 629666 ) on Thursday April 29, 2004 @04:16PM (#9011681)
    Serves them right for closing Black Isle. And for not producing more copies of Planescape: Torment. If they made more, they might have another...$20 or so.
  • If it had not been for Descent, where would Interplay be today? They might still be here, they might not. All I know is that they were good with some kick arse games like Descent and Descent II, but when they published a crap game like Descent 3, well, yeah. Descent 3 was a halfway decent game but it lacked Descent-ness, if I may call it that.

    Did Interplay even publish Freespace and Freespace 2? I never played Freespace 2, but I was a Freespace fan and it was a good game too.

    If Interplay wants to save themselves, they need to talk someone into, namely Volition or whatever the other split of Parallax software was, to try and develop a good Descent IV and maybe another Freespace game? Those were great, and I think that's the entire reason Interplay ever became as well-known as they are.
  • by arhar ( 773548 ) on Thursday April 29, 2004 @06:05PM (#9013103)
    ... yet more proof that making games for the PC just does not bring as much profit anymore... Of course, Interplay made some bad choices along the way, but they also created some of the best games in history, so I'm very sad to see them go.

    Maybe a solution is to release games on X-Box or other console, and then on the PC? BioWare has done this with KOTOR, and they just might be onto something here ...

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