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A Look at the CounterStrike Source Beta 262

mutewinter writes " has posted an article reviewing the recent CounterStrike Source beta. What is unusual about Source is that it keeps the same gameplay, including guns and maps, of the original CounterStrike and simply brings CounterStrike (which uses the original Half Life engine) up to date graphically. Imagine if Doom 3 had been just like the original Doom, but with a better engine. Many gamers look down on recycled content, but is this a problem for a 5 year old game that is still as popular as ever?" S!: We also had an alternative look at the Beta over on Slashdot Games a couple of days back.
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A Look at the CounterStrike Source Beta

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  • by ecc0 ( 548386 ) on Friday August 20, 2004 @05:31PM (#10027799)
    Imagine if Doom 3 had been just like the original Doom, but with a better engine

    Oh, like Doom Legacy []...
  • Re:this is a mistake (Score:5, Informative)

    by schmoli ( 105622 ) on Friday August 20, 2004 @05:43PM (#10027926) Homepage
    I'm sorry, but I wouldn't have paid money for Doom with updated graphics. I certainly won't pay for CS with updated graphics.

    I bought half-life. With it, I got a dedicated community full of modders, bringing forth DoD, CS, and the like of fun, playable expansions in addition to the single (and multi) gameplay of just Half-Life. What is it, exactly, that I'd get by paying for CS Source that isn't already available in terms of gameplay? Nothing. CS currently looks pretty damn decent, what with the 'modern' textures and such, and runs quite well. An engine change does nothing for gameplay.

    Uh you're not paying for CS:Source. CS:Source will be a mod for HL2, which will be an entirely new single-player game. You're getting the exact thing you got with HL but newer. Deal with it, and pay for it if you want, but don't bitch about it being a waste as it's not.

    Now if I'm wrong and CS:Source is going to be a standalone game sold at full price, flame on but I do not believe that is the case.
  • Hilarious (Score:5, Informative)

    by kevin_conaway ( 585204 ) on Friday August 20, 2004 @05:45PM (#10027935) Homepage
    This video [] is a must for anyone who has played Counterstrike
  • Re:Hitboxes (Score:5, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday August 20, 2004 @06:14PM (#10028206)
    Doom 3 actually has per-polygon hits, it's not at the point where it's per-pixel yet. Probably will be in the next generation engine after Doom 3 though.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday August 20, 2004 @06:26PM (#10028306)
    Ya, that is right, CS:S will be free with HL2, its not suppose to be CS2, nor is it suppose to bring anything new, valve simply ported CS to the new engine, and is offering it for free.. had they taken money for CS:S alone i could understand people being upset, but really.. This is just goodwill from Valve as i see it.. Stop complaining about everything!
  • It seems to me that you don't know how this beta works. They released CS:S beta to the CS:CZ, Cyber Cafes, and Those with HL2 vouchers. The beta is not permanent, and as soon as it ends, the players who are in possession of it right now will no longer be able to play. AFTER the beta testing is finished, they will allow CS:S to be played AFTER purchasing Half-Life 2. Nobody will be allowed to play the game unless the purchase it after it goes retail, if it does, or if they purchase HL2. This isn't an update that cost money. It's simply Valve's way of rewarding their recent customers while testing a game.
  • by gblues ( 90260 ) on Friday August 20, 2004 @07:09PM (#10028649)
    CS: Source DOES include significant gameplay changes!

    - Accurate physics, including ragdoll physics for when players die; you can also push stuff around.
    - When you land from a jump, you STOP MOVING. No more bunny hoppers! Also if you fall from a high enough ledge to take damage, you stop moving for a bit.
    - Accurate hitboxes, so you actually have to hit the head to get a headshot.
    - The new fog effects make smoke grenades really useful.
    - Flashbangs actually make you deaf for a minute, as do grenades if they explode near you.
    - Jumping makes noise.

  • by Plac3bo ( 651890 ) on Friday August 20, 2004 @10:20PM (#10029789)
    CS:S, as you say it, "evolved" from being the most popular video of all time on this planet. CS:S, IMO, is exactly what the CS commununity wanted. I completely disagree with the cynical views of people that say it is a cheap way to make an extra buck, by just recycling an existing game. I applaud Valve/CS mods for rewarding the community with a "graphcially up-to-date" release of CS.

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