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XBox (Games)

Xbox 2Peripherals to Work on PCs 47

BlueMoon writes "Gamespot has an interview with Dean Lester (Microsoft Windows Graphics and Gaming general manager) where he explains that the Xbox 2 peripherals will all work on PC too. So it looks like the Xbox 2 will probably use the 'normal' USB standard."
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Xbox 2Peripherals to Work on PCs

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  • by IronMagnus ( 777535 ) on Friday September 24, 2004 @05:07PM (#10344303)
    So, will existing PC usb controllers be useable with the Xbox2?
  • XBOX 2 Domination (Score:4, Insightful)

    by darthtrevino ( 812116 ) on Friday September 24, 2004 @05:42PM (#10344592) Homepage
    The XBOX 2 will probably also be the home media center that Microsoft wanted the XB1 to be.
  • by jeffehobbs ( 419930 ) on Friday September 24, 2004 @06:26PM (#10344903) Homepage

    With the proper drivers and a little rewiring... all you need to do is change the connector.

    That's a different definition of "working" than I'm used to.

  • Finish Him (Score:3, Insightful)

    by radimvice ( 762083 ) on Saturday September 25, 2004 @03:40AM (#10347045) Homepage
    Hmm...Ethernet, DVD, mass storage, now full USB peripheral compatibility...why doesn't Microsoft pack its XBox2 with a VGA connector and a stripped-down version of Longhorn for web, chat, etc?

    In the article, Lester mentions Microsoft's push to produce standardized 'levels' of preconfigured computer setups that would guarantee compatibility with specific games. How is this much different from what the XBox2 will try to achieve? Really, the whole console/pc distinction is pointless now that they're using the same exact technologies and components...the only thing consoles have going for them is a stricter standardization and millions of dollars in heavy marketing.

    I certainly commend Microsoft's effort in 'opening up' the console architectures. We've come a long way from Nintendo and its draconian licensing policies of the 80s and early 90s. But remember, the closer we come to achieving the ideal open-architecture pc-like console, the closer Microsoft comes to being able to use the full power of its Windows leverage to dominate the backbone of the console gaming industry (and crushing Sony's hardware stronghold in the process). Of course, as a gamer, I'd gladly give them the world if it gives me more control over the games I play and more design freedom for the games that are developed.

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