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First Person Shooters (Games)

CS: Source Half-Life's Only Multiplayer 216

James DeSimas writes "Halflife2.net was able to get an exclusive interview with Chuck Osborn from PCGamer. In the interview he found out that Counter-Strike: Source is indeed the only Multiplayer for Half-Life 2." This comes on the heels of the news that PC Gamer will feature a special HL2 Review in its upcoming issue. Full Steam and Retail packaging details about the game are also available from many sources today as well.
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CS: Source Half-Life's Only Multiplayer

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  • by Nos. ( 179609 ) <andrew.thekerrs@ca> on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @12:37PM (#10384739) Homepage
    The entire interview can be summed up as saying HL2 is really cool and that Counter Strike Source is the only multiplayer... though I'm sure we'll see other mods in time.
    That being said, this interview basically told me not to get too excited about HL2. I'm a huge fan of HL and its mods, but I get bored quickly with single player games... I want multiplayer. AI in games can only go so far. I'm also not a big fan of counter strike. I prefer DoD and Natural Selection (some others are okay once in a while). So, no rush for me to buy HL2 when it comes out.
  • Big Whoop! (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @12:40PM (#10384765)
    They've delayed this game way too many times to the point that I've pretty much lost interest in it.

    Maybe when it hit's the bargain bins.....
  • Even though no one else has said this yet in this thread, because someone says this in basically every story like this - whatever happened to co-op modes?. Hardly any games have co-op any more, which I find to be the most enjoyable type of multiplayer first person shooting. Ever since playing through doom 2 in co-op I've been hooked yet no one seems to want to make games with this feature any more - they want us to fight each other instead of teaming up :P
  • by SnowDeath ( 157414 ) <peteguhl.gmail@com> on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @12:46PM (#10384869) Homepage
    HL2 will have COOP eventually...SVEN COOP 2
  • by quantax ( 12175 ) on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @12:47PM (#10384875) Homepage
    People should take not that PC gamer is essentially a marketing tool to get gamers to buy the games that gives 'exclusives' to the mag. Expecting an honest assessment of HL2 or really any game from this would be rather naive. Driv3r comes to mind as a fine example of 'exclusive' reporting at work in the game review business, where certain publishers/reviewers somehow overlooked the many and obvious bugs in the game and still talked about it in a rather positive manner.
    Doom3 as well is a good example of this; nearly every single reviewer (both mags and sites) for the first few weeks acted as if this game was in fact the second coming of christ. While Doom3 was very well executed and obviously had amazing graphics, I am unsure how people felt so positively about a game that really got drudgerous after the 7th lab that you had to transverse to reach hell. And then you just go back to the labs after you reach hell for more hallway adventure. For all the amazingness of the engine, I was hoping for more variety in the environments, which with the exception of hell and outside on mars, there was very little that changed.

    These rags are definitely not the place to get a real opinion on a game; their real value is for the screenshots they release as part of the exclusive. Otherwise, it is often difficult to tell the reviews from the advertisements themselves that share the pages.
  • modding tools (Score:3, Insightful)

    by caramelcarrot ( 778148 ) on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @12:47PM (#10384885)
    If this is the case, I am interested as to what multiplayer code they will provide in the SDK. They will have to provide a basic DM system for people to build on, or will they just give the counter-strike code?

    It's rather odd.
  • Natural Selection (Score:3, Insightful)

    by dan_sdot ( 721837 ) on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @12:51PM (#10384931)
    Whats the word with Natural Selection [natural-selection.org]? This has to be the best HL multiplayer mod there is. I would be thoroughly disappointed if this never came about.
  • Re:CS Source (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Doc Ruby ( 173196 ) on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @12:53PM (#10384956) Homepage Journal
    They're not really journalists, they're salesmen. Which is worse journalism, salesmen interviewing salesmen, but better marketing.
  • Re:CS Source (Score:3, Insightful)

    by ajs ( 35943 ) <ajs AT ajs DOT com> on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @12:56PM (#10384994) Homepage Journal
    While you wait to see how major publishers will jerk you around next, games for linux [linuxgames.com] keep getting better [happypenguin.org] and better [wesnoth.org]!
  • by Japong ( 793982 ) on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @12:58PM (#10385009)

    I don't think anybody wants to compete with UT2004. No one, including Battlefield 1942, does it better right now. It's addictive, there's almost no learning curve, and even n00bs can have a good time and rack up high scores by playing support. Doom 3 only had basic deathmatch, Quake IV will be mainly single-player as well. It's not surprising Valve didn't want to go through the monumental investment of getting a good multiplayer option going when they already had CS.

    I mean, there was Team Fortress 2, and it looks like a stillborn from here- there's been no real news on the game for at least two years, and almost all of the features intended for it have made their way into other realistic war themed shooters (parachuting into missions from planes, allies showing up as squad re-inforcements, voice chat).

  • by Zed2K ( 313037 ) on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @01:03PM (#10385083)
    Sure, but with preorders they don't charge you until they ship the product. Why should anyone give Valve $60-70 (or even 80?) bucks for a product that no one knows when they will even get it? For all we know the game could not come out for another 2-3 months. Yet Valve will get their huge flow of incoming money from people plopping down cash for a product that doesn't exist. With steam it is even more confusing. It has the ability to give it to the user instantly. So why bother preordering? Its not like they will run out of downloadable copies or something.

    I could see preordering the box versions but looking at a digital distribution system taking preorders for something that can be d/l in an hour or so? Just seems really wierd to me, but based on Valves past it doesn't surprise me.

    Maybe then need cash for their legal problems.
  • Dammit. (Score:4, Insightful)

    by The Fanta Menace ( 607612 ) on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @01:13PM (#10385186) Homepage

    I really enjoy DM, but I've never understand what people see in Counterstrike. The games are always over too quickly, you seem to spend more time sitting around waiting for it to restart than actually getting out there and putting bullets in heads...

  • Re:CS Source (Score:3, Insightful)

    by the unbeliever ( 201915 ) <[moc.keeglta] [ta] [todhsals+sirhc]> on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @01:30PM (#10385385) Homepage
    Doom 3 is three cd's, and the final product is approximately 1.5-2gb of disk space. One assumes six cd's are engine, content, content, content and more content.

    Maybe the sixth disc contains magical pixie dust that makes your computer able to run it all.
  • by WiredOni ( 593210 ) on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @02:07PM (#10385805)
    What, the gold stream package is a lot better then the collectors edition! That bites, I hoped that there was going to be a soundtrack cd in the collector's edition.

    So it looks like the retail collector's edition buyers are getting the shaft, the only bonuses for the collector's edition is the DVD(good), HL1 and CS Source (good), a sampler book(blah, they usually turn out to be a few crummy magazine quality pages, and you have to buy the real book anyway), and a t-shirt (blah, I would preferred a soundtrack cd, or the other source versions). I say the collector's edition failed to live up to the "lots of cool bonus stuff for people who like cool bonus stuff" claim.

    The stream version lives up to this claim: Day of Defeat: Source, Valve's back catalog currently available on Steam, Complete Strategy Guide from Prima Games, 3 different Half-Life 2 posters, Half-Life 2 hat, Half-Life 2 postcard, Half-Life 2 stickers, Half-Life 2 Soundtrack CD, Chance to win a trip to Valve. Not having the official DVD and having to download the games is the only downside I find with the stream version.

    And all the exclusive stuff the collector's edition buyers get in comparison to the Gold is a DVD copy, a sampler of the book, and a t-shirt. The shirts might as well say "I paid for the Half-Life 2 Collector's Edition and all I got was a crummy t-shirt."

    So I really hope that they offer the other merchandise in the gold package for separate purchase, I can see lots of people wanting to buy the HL2 merchandise but not wanting to buy the stream Gold edition. I will probably get the collector's edition anyway, I prefer having a physical copy and want to have it as part of my game collection.
  • by British ( 51765 ) <british1500@gmail.com> on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @02:48PM (#10386268) Homepage Journal
    I play UT2004 daily, and it's even more fun when custom maps are played, and with the new vehicles it's a hoot.

    I just wish they would overcome that 32 player limit. I miss the days of Playing Wolf:ET on a 64 player map(chigc.com ruled for that). It was a full-out war. With some of the larger(10 meg) maps, UT would even be more fun with it.

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