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First Person Shooters (Games)

CS: Source Half-Life's Only Multiplayer 216

James DeSimas writes " was able to get an exclusive interview with Chuck Osborn from PCGamer. In the interview he found out that Counter-Strike: Source is indeed the only Multiplayer for Half-Life 2." This comes on the heels of the news that PC Gamer will feature a special HL2 Review in its upcoming issue. Full Steam and Retail packaging details about the game are also available from many sources today as well.
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CS: Source Half-Life's Only Multiplayer

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  • Disappointed... (Score:3, Interesting)

    by SnowDeath ( 157414 ) < minus berry> on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @12:35PM (#10384708) Homepage
    I am incredibly disappointed that it seems there will be now regular HL2 Deathmatch. I played CS from beta 2 until the present, but I have gotten extremely fed up with CS and want plain, vanilla HL2 DM waiting until your idiot teammate wearning the "myg0t" tag dies as he is the only one left alive on your team...

    Of course, I will be buying the Steam Gold pachage b/c I am a fanboy ;)
  • ATI (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @12:41PM (#10384787)
    So, have they decided yet which package we who went out and bought Radeons a year or two ago will get?
  • by AceCaseOR ( 594637 ) on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @12:44PM (#10384835) Homepage Journal
    I don't remember if Halo PC had co-op (I didn't buy it, since my computer couldn't run it), but Halo for the X-Box did, and the game was only beatable at it's highest difficulty on Co-Op anyway.
  • by Zed2K ( 313037 ) on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @12:50PM (#10384907)
    Steam Packages

    * Bronze -- HL2* and CS:Source.
    * Silver -- HL2*, Counter-Strike: Source, Half-Life 1: Source*, Day of Defeat: Source*, Valve's back catalog currently available on Steam.
    * Gold -- HL2*, Counter-Strike: Source, Half-Life 1: Source*, Day of Defeat: Source*, Valve's back catalog currently available on Steam, Complete Strategy Guide from Prima Games, 3 different Half-Life 2 posters, Half-Life 2 hat, Half-Life 2 postcard, Half-Life 2 stickers, Half-Life 2 Soundtrack CD, Chance to win a trip to Valve! (1 trip offered for every 5000 Gold packages purchased).

    *To be made available upon product's release.

    Also what does "to be made available upon product's release" mean? Does that mean DoD source isn't done? Does that mean HL1: Source isn't done? So basically if you buy the gold package next week the only thing you'll get are stupid posters, strategy guid, hat, postcard, stickers, soundtrack and all the old valve games until the other games are actually finished which still noone has any idea as to when that will happen?
  • Umm... No (Score:4, Interesting)

    by illumina+us ( 615188 ) on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @01:14PM (#10385193) Homepage
    That's odd because in the stolen builds and in the "beta" there was HL2 DM Multi-Player.
  • by Japong ( 793982 ) on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @01:15PM (#10385207)

    I would disagree with your post - although I'm having difficulty understanding "People should take not that PC gamer is essentially a marketing tool to get gamers to buy the games that gives 'exclusives' to the mag."

    As a long time reader of PC gamer (since the 4th issue of the magazine, which is now on to issue 129) AND a reader of CGW, IGN and Gamespot, their scores don't deviate all that much from one another or from Game Rankings. Every once in a while you will get an anomaly, but that can be chalked up to their being very different reviewers with different tastes for different games. Many PC Gamer "cover Games" have sucked, see the South Park issue (February 1998) and then watch as it gets slammed with a below 50% score. Same goes for well-hyped games like Soldner, which recieved great press up until the review copy, which stank.

    Sure, triple-A, big-budget titles will usually turn out to gain high scoring reviews, but that's a benefit of having a high budget and superstar developers, like Blizzard - they get hyped because they put out good games, not the other way around.

  • Re:Natural Selection (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @01:24PM (#10385307) flife/mods/naturalselection/specials/nemesiszero_1 /index.html.en [] and showtopic=81921 []

    Basically wait and see - hopefully it will move across, they're pushing the HL1 engine right upto it's limits at the moment
  • Not what I hear... (Score:2, Interesting)

    by jacksonj04 ( 800021 ) <> on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @01:25PM (#10385328) Homepage
    modDB [] is saying that DoD will also be included on Steam. Yay/nays?
  • Re:CS Source (Score:3, Interesting)

    by argStyopa ( 232550 ) on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @02:16PM (#10385907) Journal
    How is this speculation? Gabe Newell from Valve delivered these details himself.
    Talk about answering your own question!

    This would be the same Mr. Newell that told us that code theft would slightly delay the game so they could make sure no hacking code was inserted or anything...a YEAR ago?

    Code theft = the developer's way of saying "the dog ate my homework!"
  • by vhold ( 175219 ) on Wednesday September 29, 2004 @06:06PM (#10388655)
    And on the flipside, many games have came and gone trying to recapture or reinvent what CS got so strikingly correct, hence a slight rehash of an old game can be massively appealing. Old players see their classic game given a much needed face lift and new players get to discover the classic gameplay formula in it's more or less pure form.

    Do we need to change chess every year with some new fangled feature to make it a good game again? I'm just saying there is a reason CS has such incredible staying power with so many failed imitators lying in a broken heap next to it.

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