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FFXI Problems Fixed / Looking to Future 20

An Anonymous Reader alerted us to the fact that the FFXI connectivity issue reported earlier has been resolved. They finally acknowledged the issue and changed the ports used to collect and send data. Meanwhile, with the recent introduction of the game into Europe and the release of a new expansion, sat down for an interview with FFXI producer Hiromichi Tanaka.
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FFXI Problems Fixed / Looking to Future

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  • Thank you (Score:3, Insightful)

    by VGMSupreme ( 228396 ) on Tuesday October 05, 2004 @11:58AM (#10440271) Homepage
    And this is what I like. When companies admit to having a problem and working towards a solution that benefits thier customers. Too bad we do not see this as often as we should.
    • Actually, if you looked back on the previous news report, it notes that both SquareEnix and Optimum Online denied being the source of the problem and tried to push it onto the other. If anything, it was the consumers threatening to mass quit the game (which would be devastating for a pay-to-play game) which forced them to fix the problem.
    • The fun thing is:
      1. The outage was first noticed September 27th.
      2. The problems were mostly resolved October 1st.

      Some more facts:

      1. Square-Enix admitted there was a problem October 1st.
      2. Square-Enix announced the problems were resolved October 4th

      In other words, Square-Enix didn't mention anything was wrong while there was a problem, and didn't announce that it was resolved until four days after people had been able to get back online.

      They've been better with the recent batch of random server outages, they a

  • It seems kind of dumb to me that they had to change the ports being used just because some ass-backwards isp was blocking them.
  • they didnt change ANY ports... infact it wasnt EITHER of their faults.

    It was infact a issue with a bad router between the two which was why some people could get on, and why they couldnt find the problem.

    get the facts before you post something

  • there's almost 500k NA players (500K JP players) and if you ask them, i think connectivity would not register as a problem at all, except for a few people using one specific ISP
  • there's almost 500k NA players (there's 500k JP players) and no one i know (having played for a year) has a problem with the connectivity. that only affected a few people using one isp.

    the MAIN problem that any serious NA FFXI player will tell you about is the latency problem. most of the endgame is camping for 3 hours in a room mashing a macro button as fast as you can (or using a bot *cough*) to win a "claim" on a monster by being the first to attack it. whoever claims it first gets the loot it drops (so

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