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First Person Shooters (Games)

Tribes Vengeance Now Available 14

nevermore94 writes "After a long wait, Tribes: Vengeance, the latest game in the Tribes series has finally shipped to retail stores in the United States. Reviews are available at ActionTrip, GameSpy, GameZone, and WarCry .
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Tribes Vengeance Now Available

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  • To thank Jesus for this game.

    I'll even thank him twice.

    I'm going to run to the mall to snag this game up now.
  • The Games section has been pretty slow since its inception, but are we now going to have posts announcing the release of this game or that? I come here for the stuff I can't get on vanilla sites like IGN and GameSpot. We can get "YAYorz, HL2 is finally out, I'm can't wait to go to the mall after school to get it!" posts anywhere.
  • Cartoony (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Asgard ( 60200 ) <> on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @11:07AM (#10450606) Homepage
    After playing the multiplayer demo I feel this latest version feels a lot more cartoony then the prior versions; the vehicles feel like they only 2lbs and have no inertia at all. Gameplay is very fast paced (think Quake 3) and the maps feel small. Kinda disappointing.
  • If you are a true fan of Tribes, you will not buy this pile of crap known as Tribes Vengeance. Tribes 2 classic is still the king of Tribes games. They have gotten rid of the reason to use support classes. Which is the whole reasoning behind the game!!!
    • Tribes 2 Base is still the king of Tribes games.

      IMO anyway
      • It's not just your opinion, it's a fact. (Which is to say, it's my opinion, too.)

        T2 base is much better than T2 classic. T2 classic just allows players to go too darn fast. It makes many CTF maps nearly impossible to defend and anyone who's skied themselves up to a ridiculous speed impossible to hit. In the base game, it requires a vehicle to get up that much speed, which leads to a much better and more balanced game.

        Tribes 2 is a fantastic game. Go out and get it now! It's relatively tough, but well,
        • You constantly ski now by holding down a key. It takes absolutely no skill and your player looks like complete smuck while doing so. How come a scout based player can pick up a turrent now? You no longer have to point when you use a repair pack. It just magically repairs multiple objects at once. Why do all the vehicles resemble something from the unreal tournament 2k4 game? It was as if they just put skins over the vehicles. Actual the whole game feels like a unreal tournament mod. If you have ever
    • You couldn't possibly be more wrong. Why is it that with every sequel/prequel there are so many people crying about how the new game is not as good as the old one. Yes it's different, but I assure you it's still tribes. Skiing - check 3 axis movement- check 3 different armors - check vehicles-check
  • I thought sierra really screwed the pooch on Tribes 2 when they canned all the original devs right after they released the game in (what I felt was)Beta for everyone to buy then fixed all the horrible bugs after the next year. The forums were a nightmare for the people left after seirra cleaned house. I felt truely sorry for them.

    The game wasn't even playable out of the box and the auto update feature needed to be updated manually.

    But after all that, T2 kicked ass and took names. There is NOTHING like a 3
  • by British ( 51765 ) <> on Wednesday October 06, 2004 @12:22PM (#10451542) Homepage Journal
    I dunno. I know it's a sequel to 2, but it doesn't feel like it's worth $50.

    With T2, the gui was rather nice and easy to get around in. With T:V it seems rather cluttered. The only advantage T:V has is the "quick weapon suit switch" on a grid of 3x3 keys. Takes a little getting used to, but it works.

    The maps seem to be quite a bit smaller than in T2. With T2 you had to do quite a trek over mountains and such to even see the enemy base. With the maps in T:V it seems like a deathmatch map.

    There doesn't seem to be as many weapons, but maybe because it's a demo? The machine gun seems to fire rather slowly and be rather ineffective. The shotgun seems to be moerso there for looks. The shield-boomeraing thing is fun though, yet I have not made a single hit with it. The actual fighting among players seems slow paced.

    I used to play T:2 quite a bit back in the day, enjoying the quick download of new maps, and despising major leage shifts-of-gameply mods like the Shifter mod(you spent most of your time figuring out the mods and setting up suits while one person kept capping the flag over and over). With T:V, I don't see myself playing it for hours.

    After getting into Unreal Tourney 2004 it seems to be that's what Tribes 2 should have been.
    • It's actually a Prequel to Tribes, not a sequel to T2.
    • The maps seem to be quite a bit smaller than in T2. With T2 you had to do quite a trek over mountains and such to even see the enemy base. With the maps in T:V it seems like a deathmatch map.

      The reason for this is that the Unreal Engine isn't really suited for large-scale outdoor gameplay. Apparently Irrational had quite a hard time getting it to work at all, much less in a fasion that played well. So you get a lot of large indoor levels, and nothing but big valleys outdoors so that you occlude most of

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