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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Preview 153

Daemon writes " has put up the first part of a preview of the new Final Fantasy movie. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will be released in DVD format. The story takes place two years after Earth was saved from Meteor at the end of Final Fantasy VII." Great report, but it's very spoiler heavy. Be warned.
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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Preview

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday October 24, 2004 @03:15PM (#10615185)
    It would seem odd, but they aren't real sequels... normally.

    Final Fantasy VII - Advent Chil'rens takes place after what happens in Final Fantasy VII, in the same world. And is thus a sequel.

    Final Fantasy X-2 takes place after what happens in Final Fantasy X, in the same world. It's a real sequel. I haven't played it, X was alright but the story seemed like shit at times. And the voice acting was annoying.

    The first Final Fantasy through the tenth are just games made by the same company that share similiar aspects in style. Not really sequels, just hardcore branding.
  • Re:no way.. (Score:5, Informative)

    by Lao-Tzu ( 12740 ) on Sunday October 24, 2004 @03:15PM (#10615186) Homepage
    It's a movie, not a sequel to the video game.
  • Re:Huh? (Score:3, Informative)

    by bobgoatcheese ( 455695 ) on Sunday October 24, 2004 @03:26PM (#10615245)
    Yes, and 10, and 11, and soon to be 12...

    Firstly, Advent Children is a film, not a game. Secondly, the Final Fantasy series has no continuity; FF2 was sequal of FF, FF3 is not a sequal of FF2, etc. (with the exception of FFX-2, a direct sequal to FF10). This movie takes place after the events in FF7, but is in no way tied to the other games.
  • Spoiler Review (Score:4, Informative)

    by Pheonix5000 ( 661842 ) on Sunday October 24, 2004 @03:28PM (#10615254) Homepage
    This isn't just a spoiler, it's someone retelling the entire movie!

    Why? Doesn't anyone think that this place will have their arse sued off for giving all this away? :shrug:
  • Advent Children? (Score:5, Informative)

    by rbb ( 18825 ) <[gro.6cr] [ta] [ocmer]> on Sunday October 24, 2004 @04:47PM (#10615660) Homepage
    A suggestion would've been to include some links to more information about the movie:
    There's also, but that one's not entirely working for me at the moment.
  • by echocharlie ( 715022 ) on Sunday October 24, 2004 @06:09PM (#10616087) Homepage
    ...and that's a good thing!

    Between Advent Children and all the other Final Fantasy VII sequels that have been announced, it's good to see Square Enix acknowledging their most popular FF to date. Before Crisis - Final Fantasy VII is their entry into Mobile phone gaming. And then you also have Final Fantasy: Dirge of Cerberus, their PS2 sequel which focuses on one of the supporting characters in the game, Vincent Valentine.

    For those of you who haven't played the original game yet, you should go out and get a copy. It's available for $20 under the classics banner, and boasts one of the most unique battle systems in an RPG. The "materia"-system offers so much flexibility, and let's you really customize your game. I love the materia-combos that can be created.

  • by stratjakt ( 596332 ) on Sunday October 24, 2004 @06:26PM (#10616192) Journal
    Need we remember fourth grade math?

    What three types of averages are there? Which one is appropriate for a statement such as this?

    Mean, median, mode. Mode is appropriate for a statement about a small group of people over a short period of time. If there are 7 people, and 4 of them slept 0 hours, the average is - indeed - 0 hours.
  • Re:Huh... (Score:2, Informative)

    by michaelnz ( 701047 ) on Sunday October 24, 2004 @07:52PM (#10616682) Homepage
    I was at the a game show in Tokyo last friday and there were a few other sneak peaks that we got a look at. There is going to be a new Final Fantasy 7 universe game, but it's not Advent Children. Instead it's based around the character Vincent. It has a definite gothic flavor to it and seems like it may not be turn based.

    The second is the Final Fantasy 7 mobile phone game which looks awesome and fun. It takes place before the original and seems to really flesh out some of the side characters.

    I'm a little surprised that SquareEnix has chosen to refocus on Final Fantasy 7 but that may have to do with the appeal of the game to the Japanese market.
  • by Osty ( 16825 ) on Sunday October 24, 2004 @08:08PM (#10616784)

    Historically, the Final Fantasy games have always been set in different worlds (carrying over constants like a character named Sid/Cid, chocobos, airships, sometimes light/element crystals, Bahamut, etc). The world in FF2j is not the same as FF1, nor is the world in FF3e/6j the same as in FF2e/4j or FF5j. The plot is fairly formulaic -- something has/will happen to the world, and it's up to a scrappy band of heroes to save the day. In the end, the world is changed, evil is banished forever, and everybody lives happily ever after. That's why I don't like Square's new emphasis on sequels (FF X-2, the new FF VII-related games, the FF VII movie, FF XI's attempt to cash in on the MMOG craze). The previous games were not sequels, regardless of how they were named. These new sequels now ruin the whole plot by continuing the story after what was supposedly the ultimate end. It seems to me that Square is in trouble if they can't come up with "new" story lines and characters, but instead have to rehash their old games.

    Besides, if they're going to give us a sequel/prequel/extension of the story, why not do it with the best Final Fantasy game ever, FF 3e/6j? Then again, FF6 has the same "problem" as FF7 with respect to a sequel, in that the game had a very definite ending. Nothing really remains open to sequelize without reinterpreting events that happened in the original games.

  • by sbszine ( 633428 ) on Sunday October 24, 2004 @10:20PM (#10617568) Homepage Journal
    Replying to myself after trying it out on the site. In Firefox, the right click javascript is handled first (in this case, popping up a dialogue box that says nyah nyah no downloads for you), then Firefox goes ahead an opens the right click context menu anyway. I heart Firefox.
  • by LockeOne ( 825080 ) on Monday October 25, 2004 @03:04AM (#10618667)
    Was at the screening as well, best 10 bucks spent in a while, though still kinda crappy that it was only a piece of the movie. They said it was work in progress and that it'll end up being about 60-80 minutes long when complete. They actually had guests from Sqaure-Enix to talk about the movie, and that the whole thing was using bleeding-edge digital technology (even the projector and screen was new just for the screening).

    The detail was amazing -- you could even see the freckles on some characters' faces. You can't really tell at all that it's CG and not real actors. Almost all the main FF7 cast was in the preview, and some really cool action scenes. Makes you wish they remade the game based on the movie. Vincent moves extremely quick and swiftly, almost like a vampire. Barret's gun arm transforms into other things like liquid metal. Aeris is in the film, but you barely see her face (at least in the preview). Red XIII actually does have a tail on fire. Cid has his polearm and is quite good at swift at keeping enemies at bay. Tifa seems to be in charge of the Strife Delivery service, and she gets her 10 seconds of fighting fame before getting overpowered by the crazy antagonist. They also had a flashback with Cloud's friend from SOLDIER in that flashback in the game. The Turks are also in the movie.

    BTW, the 30 minutes included the opening and end credits, so in reality, it was only like 20 minutes.

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