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World Of Warcraft Open Beta to Start Next Week 37

Drac8 writes "Blizzard and Fileplanet have announced that the World of Warcraft open beta will start at the beginning of next week. Fileplanet subscribers and current Beta testers are invited to start now. Fileplanet subscribers may find it slow going, as servers are overloaded and requests for signups/keys are going very slow."
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World Of Warcraft Open Beta to Start Next Week

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  • by vehn23 ( 684035 ) on Tuesday November 02, 2004 @12:20PM (#10700416)
    If you're wondering: paying $16 to fileplanet to play a beta a week before everyone else and 2 weeks before release.
  • I've been waiting for months, never making it into the closed beta and now, with my FilePlanet account (no flaming please) I can finally play, and I am travelling the next two weeks. Figures.

    I wonder if WoW will play on a 1.6ghz laptop with a mobile Radeon 7000...

    • Probably. A friend has a much worse set up and he can run it adequetly.
    • Re:Figures... (Score:2, Informative)

      Probably. WoW has supposedly reasonable hardware demands. I used to routinely play SWG on a 4 year old laptop with a Geforce2go 32 Meg chip. Have fun on the road.
    • the only reason i payed this stupid $7.90 toa a company i despise is for an extra week of WoW. a dollar a day, ok, i guess i can swing that. i feel dirty, but i broke down and did it.

      now, i'm unhappily waiting for my CD key. if i don't get it by early this evening, i'm going to start trying to get my money back from FP.
  • by Lord_Pain ( 165272 ) on Tuesday November 02, 2004 @01:42PM (#10701097)
    1. Save up a month of Vacation from work. Check
    2. Full-size fridge stocked with Redbull. Check
    3. Emergency store of Cheese-wiz and crakers. Check
    4. Plenty of empty bottles for call of nature. Check

    I am now prepared to cease being a productive member of society and devote my life to World of Warcraft.... May God have mercy on my soul.

  • I just paid the money to FilePlanet and registered for the beta only to recieve a message that they are out of CD Keys and I will recieve one when the next group is released. Basically, don't waste your time paying because you won't get shit.
    • Fileplanet also indicated that if you sign up for the final stress test, you are guaranteed an open beta slot. Blizzard's site says that Fileplanet only has so many slots...

      I just cannot bring myself to support Fileplanet. Make me wait in line for an hour or pay money for a patch to fix a game that I already bought?

      Skipping the rest of the tangent, if Blizzard needs Fileplanet to assist them with distribution, how ready are they for handling an MMRPG? I know some people that play Everquest and say th
      • I won't pay money to preview games - the idea being that I preview FOR FREE before PAYING for a game I like. Thus, I'll wait for hours to get the download - but have it finished in 20 minutes on my broadband connection. If I don't get an Open Beta slot; I won't play the game unless I see my other friends playing and I like what I see. I think Blizzard will be ready - game servers are usually not maintained by the game company themselves - they will patch and put content; but there's usually another team
      • Fileplanet blows. I might suggest . I pay for them for the reviews and movies and what not of games. I think new content is free but the older stuff they charge you for. Either way, it works nice since most patches get up on gamespot pretty quickly and they have some good bandwidth. So on top of the reviews, having a non clobbered place to get patches and a cheapy discount on purchases makes the 20 bucks a year sound pretty reasonable.
    • I got a message when I signed up yesterday (about 16 hours ago) saying that I would definately get in, just not straight away. Still no sign of a key or ability to download. I'd like to get started soon since I only have 256k ADSL and 2.5 Gig is going to take a while to arrive.
  • WoW vs EQ2 (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Dachannien ( 617929 ) on Tuesday November 02, 2004 @03:52PM (#10702988)
    EQ2 goes live: 8 November, for $49.99

    WoW open beta begins: 8 November, for free


    • I don't think it is a coincidence at all. There are several subscription games vying for our attention - and I think Guild Wars is going to beat them all to death with one of their skull-shaped hammers because of overall money saved.
      • Too True. Competitive marketing is the name of the game, and the MMORPG companies seem to be overkilling it these days. However, I do not agree with your statement of Guild Wars taking the whole pie- It may be free, but WoW's got the fanbase.
        • Oh; I don't think it will take the whole pie though I guess it came out like that. I think they don't care when they release because their game will lack the monthly fee; which is one of the biggest factors influencing MMO purchasing decisions - I mean, most people are only going to pay for one game at a time.
  • After joining, I had to fill out the subscription form for the beta 3 times. Now when I do it, I see my beta key and a link to download the massive 2.5 gb file. So if you haven't gotten it yet, just resubmit and you should get through.
  • Consider yourself lucky if you can download the 2.5 GB file from Fileplanet. Earlier beta testers were forced to use a proprietary BitTorrent client which totally maxed out your connection, both up and down. My disappointment with the game itself aside, this delivery method was totally unacceptable. There are many ISP's who impose 5GB combined transfer limits per month, and after uploading at 45KB\s for 3 hours these people were lucky to get the whole game at all, never mind play.

    The quality of this ga
  • I've been playing this game for the past 5 months and it's truly amazing. I had no plans to play the retail version but I am so addicted now I have no choice.

    If you want to get a head start downloading the 2.5GB client for the upcoming open beta, I put a copy of the Mac downloader and of the raw torrent (PC and Mac) on my server: []

  • World Of Warcraft Open Beta to Start Next Week -Millions slated to lose G/Fs
  • Crazy as it might seem, maybe you could stop bitching about how you can't get immediate access to the betas because you signed up too late and just keep a regular subscription going there.

    I'm not saying that you HAVE to pay $7 a month to get into betas but goddamn, don't get all noobish and whine EVERY SINGLE TIME you see something on fileplanet and sign up too late. Good god, learn from your mistakes and just get an account with early email notification or stop trying to say the world is against you, b

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