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Credits Posted for I Love Bees 26

Ryan Barrett writes "Credits have been posted for the I Love Bees alternate reality game. As many suspected, its puppetmasters included Sean Stewart, Jordan Weisman, and Elan Lee, who created the game The Beast for the movie AI. Many of the principle members of Cloudmakers also participated, one of whom was the voice of Melissa. Sean, Jordan, and Elan have founded a company, 4orty2wo Entertainment, to continue producing ARGs. I don't know about you, but I'm very excited."
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Credits Posted for I Love Bees

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  • by centauri ( 217890 ) on Monday November 08, 2004 @01:48PM (#10756267) Homepage
    Yes, it's more than a gimic. It's a stand-alone story, at least in this case. Depending how involved you wanted to get in it, it was also a lot of puzzle solving and detective work. If you went so far as to answer any of the pay phones that were ringing around the country, it was also a fun outdoor activity.

    Many people who played ilovebees are also going to get Halo 2, but the game itself was never actually mentioned. You can follow the completed story and just enjoy it for what it is: a fun, free, science-fiction audio play. It stands on its own, but I'm hoping it will be referred to in Halo 2 gameplay.

    In general, an "alternate reality game" is tries to be an interactive story that involves sending an receiving messages between players and characters, as if the characters and their situations were part of reality.
  • by Have Blue ( 616 ) on Monday November 08, 2004 @01:53PM (#10756319) Homepage
    1) An ARG, as defined on Unfiction [unfiction.com], is "A genre of interactive fiction using multiple delivery and communications media." Basically it's an adventure game that is not limited to being on a computer screen.

    2) No. But that doesn't mean it can't be fun to experience (and it was).

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