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Classic Games (Games) PC Games (Games) Returns 14

Courthold writes "After a very long period of downtime, has returned, filling the void for all amateur adventure game creators out there. It returns fully equipped with many new articles, and a forum to share your ideas and work with others in the community. Adventuredevelopers is part of the Lucasfan Network ( along with other sites such as AdventureGamers and Mixnmojo. Hopefully this site along with others will help revive the long lost genre that is adventure games."
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  • by PylonHead ( 61401 ) on Monday November 08, 2004 @02:03PM (#10756413) Homepage Journal
    adventure games []

  • by Godeke ( 32895 ) * on Monday November 08, 2004 @02:54PM (#10757005)
    That article does point out a major problem with the majority of adventure games. I don't think we will see many more mainstream adventure games of the traditional mold because of that bizarre "logic" that evolved around the adventure game community.

    The best part of traditional adventure games were story and the triumph of solving a puzzle. The former (story) could be the part of so many more games than it currently is. One of the reasons I loved Half-Life was that there was a fun storytelling mechanism that never removed the player from the game. The latter (problem solving) is found in only a rudimentary form in most modern games (find key, locks magically open). Illogic puzzles are out, story is in: I don't morn that state, except the lack of more Monkey Island goodness.

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