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PlayStation (Games)

Gran Turismo 4 Goes Gold 49

ViperG writes "Gran Turismo series producer and Polyphony Digital president Kazunori Yamauchi announced the completion of Gran Turismo 4's development at a special party dedicated to the game yesterday. During the party, Yamauchi took to the podium to make a number of comments on the game, and also mention a few things about the future of the racing series.
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Gran Turismo 4 Goes Gold

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  • What about the TORRENT!? ... (taps foot impatiently)
  • It's about goddamn time.
  • Crazy (Score:1, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward
    What a nut. He wants to give out free car video games to kids, to help the auto industry out? It's lucky the guy is designing video games or he'd be in some mental hospital somewhere.
    • It seems to reflect a love of motorsports instead of purely a love of profit. Go figure.

      It reveals something about the game though... to him it's not considered "entertainment". I thoroughly enjoyed GT2 and was constantly frustrated with GT3, so I hope they don't take this in the wrong direction.
  • I've been looking forward to this game for quite a while, even been playing through GT3 again to prep for the new one. Just too bad it comes out on the tuesday of Penn State's Finals week... that reving engine sound you hear is the preping of my prof/TA's gas powered red pens...
  • Who cares? They cut out the online portion and already stated that they'd release an online version sometime early next year. Why buy the initial version when another one is coming out soon with more features? It's like buying a pan-and-scan movie on VHS when you can wait two months for the widescreen DVD.
    • The secret is to buy the orig verson, then make them buy back the orig one cuz its crap.

      When that fails, you end up like Jason- this guy who has EVERY SINGLE LOTR DVD because he had to "get the latest and greatest" 50 disc spectacular.

      So far I have GT3. I'm holding off on GT4 until the "with enchanced features" comes out, so I don't end up like jason.

      • Go for San Andreas then, it's GT3.5.

        Swimming. Food/exercise/looks. Kick-ass targetting. Running from a car full of toughs... on a bicycle (great animation for bike riding). Strategic metagame. No more damn hidden boxes - they have you spraying over your rival gang's tags. Compelling story well integrated into the game. Beating up crack dealers. Improved graphics.

        Well, I've made my after-dinner plans.
        • Strategic metagame? Eh?

          It IS way fun, but I haven't found any strategic metagames.
          • I think he's talking about the gang territories portion of the game. You capture rival gang's areas, and defend your own when under attack. I dunno how strategic it is, really, but it's a neat feature if you like shooting lots of stuff.
    • They cut out the online portion and already stated that they'd release an online version sometime early next year. Why buy the initial version when another one is coming out soon with more features?

      To a lot of players (most?) those features are useless, why make us wait for them? If you want online play, don't buy this version--wait for the online version. If you don't want online play, you can buy it now.

      I personally have yet to see a game with online play that I really like. Of course, I also prefer
      • Racing is best done against someone. It's easier to play these games via the internet than to lug a TV and PS2 to someone's house. (I have two TVs set up at all times and a third one in the shed, but many people don't.) Racing games beg for network support. I would never have bought NFS:Underground without an online component and I won't be buying GT4 without it either. Actually I sold my PS2 a while back and I was planning to buy another one just so I could play GT4, but I think I'll put that off, now. Hop
  • by petsounds ( 593538 ) on Thursday November 11, 2004 @07:12PM (#10793324)
    I'm a bit confused..I thought the game was delayed yet again in order to put the online mode *back in.*

    Let me guess...Sony forced them to release something in time for x-moose. Something tells me that with the release of an online version, which is what just about everyone interested in this game was waiting for, the sales for a non-online version will be limited to x-moose gifts from the same kind of parents who gave their kid the Twid Pod Cloud Car instead of a TIE Fighter or Snowspeeder Star Wars toy.
  • What ever happened to the Gran Tourismo games they were supposedly going to port to PC? They made an announcement about this a couple years ago, then nothing... I don't own a console system, and don't intend to buy one, but I do enjoy the odd racing game. Maybe I should go pick up Need For Speed Underground 2. I'll just have to try and ignore all the fugly body kits and 747 wings.
    • Download the demo and try it out. I'm not really big into racing games, but I've had some fun with this one. It royally sucks with a keyboard only, is much more fun with a PS2 controller hooked through the USB port, and totally rocks with a steering wheel/pedal setup. Just even driving around and listening to Paul Van Dyk or Chingy while trying to hit the AI cars is fun!
  • It looks like its time for me to finally break down and buy a PS2. The question is should I buy one of those ultra thin new ones? Or pick up a refurb unit for cheap... cheap is good but thin is sexy... mmmmm thin.
    • IIRC, GT4 is one of the few games to support (but not require) the PS2 hard drive. I dunno what it'll do, probably just load faster. Maybe with the online version, there will be downloadable cars and tracks, but who knows?
      Anyway, an advantage of the "old" PS2 is it supports the HD, while the new thin one does not.
    • If you can get the last-generation old one with the onboard IR, get that one. If you need HD support, get the old one. Otherwise, get the new one, it will probably have a better laser unit in it than the original. I hope.
  • The GT series is one of the best titles in gaming history. I can remember playing the first GT my freshman year in college. I was completely blown away by the games realism, control, and flexibility.

    Multiplayer was and is a blast, but so many forget about the single player part of the game. The versatility of buying/building your own race cars was almost limitless, even in the first GT. The subsequent games were just as fun and diverse as the first. New cars and new tracks to master.

    I personally appr

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