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MMOG Subscription Chart Updated 44

SirBruce writes "Okay, this time I'm tooting my own horn before someone else does. I've released version 12.0 of my venerable work An Analysis of MMOG Subscription Growth. I've added several new charts along with new analysis, including initial subscription figures for EverQuest II and World of Warcraft. However, and perhaps most importantly, with the help of generous donations from viewers like you I have moved the report to a new web page, with a new URL (, a new design, and a new server that should be able to handle my frequent slashdotting. So, enjoy!" Boy, that was quick. Go Bruce.
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MMOG Subscription Chart Updated

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  • As always, a very interesting chart, although I'm sure it'll be much more interesting once the data for WoW and EQII has developed.
  • Is anyone else surprised that FFXI is kicking so much ass in terms of subscriptions? I've played for a while, but it got REAL hard level up and I just lost interest. I'm guessing that it's probably because it's still popular in Japan and that you can play cross platform (PS2/PC). It will be interesting to see if FFXI's subscriptions will take a hit after EQ2, and WoW start bringing in the masses. Speaking of which, I need to cancel my FFXI subscription, I haven't played in 8 months.
    • ITs the Japanese. Gaming is really, really huge in Asia. Notice how the top 3 MMOs are all huge in Asia- Lineage I and II in Korea, FFXI in Japan.
    • I and about 5 of my close friends play FFXI across PC and PS/2, it rocks man. Nothing compares with a 5 hour marathon leveling run with your closest buddies, or hopping on and doing a really crazy quest.

      Level 52 Summoner, 34 Black Mage, 32 Dragoon, 30 Red Mage.
  • by MBraynard ( 653724 ) on Wednesday December 01, 2004 @01:36PM (#10964488) Journal
    With all of your hard work on this, I don't doubt that you could produce a high-dollar monthly newsletter.

    Sort of like NDP does for games. They post up some general information on their site re: game sales, but give a more detailed report each month.

    You could probably come up with a more detailed report you could sell for about $2500 per year - and maybe delay the release of the general information on your site so that the report subscribers get it a few weeks ahead of everyone else.

    We can talk more about this if you want. mamapsttatbraynarddotcom - remove the backwards spam.

  • I've made a couple of slight useability adjustmnets to the pages, including adding a scrollbar to the left frame if you need one. Some people at lower resolutions weren't seeing the whole thing.

    Many people have asked if I could break out North America and North America & Europe numbers from Asia. That's a lot harder to do, mainly because I don't have them! I can tell you some rough ideas - about half of FFXI's subscribers are in the US, about 100,000 of DAoC's are in Europe, over half of UO's are in
  • SirBruce is a fairly longstanding Internet user with a trail of flamewars and bannings a mile long. I'm not going to go into them, except to note that some of them are pretty high profile. (Banned from Lum the Mad back in the day... arguably caused the downfall of FurryMUCK once)

    But I would like to just ask Bruce one simple question. Because, well, Bruce... you're a fucking millionaire. You are a major investor in World War II Online. You have lots and lots of money, to the point where you do not work a jo
    • So, you're not going to go into them, but you'll mention them anyway because, hey, nothing like a good smear, eh? Last I checked, FurryMUCK is doing just fine. And how many times do we have to go over this? I was not, to my knowledge, banned from LtM. I was banned from SND... you know, by that guy Eldin, who turned out to be a real ass who ran away with all of the site's money? Yeah, that guy. It's ironic that just about every site that decides to ban me winds up dying shortly thereafter -- how's play

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