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ESPN And Electronic Arts Sign 15-Year Deal 332

acxr is wasted writes "Electronic Arts has dealt another blow to rival Sega by signing a 15-year agreement with ESPN, giving the publisher exclusive video game rights to ESPN branded material. EA has recently faced pressure from popular ESPN-branded Sega titles released at discount prices, prompting their recent deal with the NFL, and failed bid for the NBA."
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ESPN And Electronic Arts Sign 15-Year Deal

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  • Re:Unholy Trinity (Score:3, Informative)

    by I Love this Company! ( 547598 ) on Monday January 17, 2005 @09:29PM (#11391065)
    Actually, ESPN and MSN dissolved their partnership [mediapost.com] back in July 2004.
  • new slashdot icon (Score:2, Informative)

    by syrinx ( 106469 ) * on Monday January 17, 2005 @09:31PM (#11391077) Homepage
    So who runs EA? (Wasn't it started by Trip Hawkins?) Currently it seems to be Larry Probst... can we get a Larry Probst Borg icon here for EA stories?
  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday January 18, 2005 @12:02AM (#11392031)
  • Gutless (Score:5, Informative)

    by Shihar ( 153932 ) on Tuesday January 18, 2005 @01:18AM (#11392411)
    There is nothing wrong with a fantasy league other then that people want to use the real thing. Now people are terrified that EA has a monopoly on that name that everyone wants so badly. To this I say, who gives a fuck? Get a grip. This isn't an OS by stretch of the imagination where at least crying monopoly makes sense. This is a sport. A piece of recreation. EA and ESPN hold absolutely no monopoly over the things I can do to recreate. Don't like the way NFL or ESPN is doing business, DON'T WATCH. People have the power to make every stupid corporation under the sun vanish over night, they just are too lazy to do it.

    A good friend of mine is a sociologist. She will preach endlessly about how evil Wal-Mart and globalization is - then go to Wal-Mart to buy stuff instead of a mom and pop shop because they offer the largest selection at the lowest price. For fuck's sake. You don't need government action to take these companies down, just a week or two of not giving them your money.

    ESPN, the NFL, and EA are perfect examples of this. So ESPN enters into an agreement with EA that any right thinking person should immediately recognize as stifling innovation in sports games. The real question is not when EA is going to get nailed for being a monopoly, but when are YOU going to stop giving ESPN and EA your money. This is football for fuck's sake. Grow a pair of balls, suck it up, and don't watch the shit if you think their practices stink. This is a luxury we are talking about it. It is something that doesn't require loss of life or limb to boycott.

    People are whiny and obnoxious these days. I bet easily 95% of the people here that complain about this move on Slashdot are going to bitch up a three page essay on why EA is evil, then fork over a couple of twenties for their NFL 2005. Bah. The whiney masses are so gutless and spineless they deserve to have corporations like EA and ESPN walk all over them.
  • I guess some of that applies to ESPN too. By taking the deal from EA they are cutting them selves off from Sega and other companies that might be willing to pay for the priviledge of promoting ESPN.

    Hiow do you know that the amount that "Sega and other companies" would be willing to pay is larger than that of what EA *has* offered to pay?

    1) Do you know how much EA paid? No.
    2) Do you have financial models taking into account a number of factors to try to predict what the most beneficial outcome is for ESPN? I highly doubt it.

    So do not make assumptions otherwise.

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