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XBox (Games)

Next Generation Xbox To Be Called Xbox 360? 157

An anonymous reader writes "Gamesite Engadget has a story claiming via a trusted source that says the next generation Xbox (codename Xenon) will be called Xbox 360." From the article: "Our source, who has worked on several projects involving the Xbox and the Xbox 360, has seen the proposed packaging and other design elements for the new console..last year a marketing firm conducted a survey where they asked people whether they thought Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Nintendo N5 sounded more 'next-gen'."
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Next Generation Xbox To Be Called Xbox 360?

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  • by AzraelKans ( 697974 ) on Monday February 07, 2005 @03:54PM (#11599783) Homepage
    After thinking about it a bit more. I think this has to be a joke or a fake of somekind.

    360 is a revolution (obviously), so it means: Xbox revolution pun intended no the Nintendo revolution console.

    Xbox360.com is already registered to someone with a yahoo mail address so all this theory seems pretty unlikely.

    I think X2, XNXT or Xenon seems like more possible choices.
  • Fake (Score:4, Informative)

    by Dixie Flatliner ( 850959 ) on Monday February 07, 2005 @04:11PM (#11599973)
    Their source is either wrong or mistaken, the aforementioned survey was distributed by Edelman PR Worldwide, on retainer by Sony Japan. The Playstation 3 is the only real system moniker, the "Xbox 360" being a joke, referencing past Sony comments that Microsoft wasn't so much taking the system (Xbox 2) in a new direction, but in fact just turning in circles (paraphrased from memory). And N5 being simply the Fifth home console evolution in the Nintendo line. Both are fake.
  • by PhotoBoy ( 684898 ) on Saturday February 12, 2005 @07:41PM (#11655072)
    I actually took part in the market research for the name (I got an email invite to partticipate from a GameSpot "affiliate") and Xbox 247 was actually one of the potential names, along with 360, FS, HD and a few others I can't remember anymore.

I've got a bad feeling about this.