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XBox (Games)

Next Generation Xbox To Be Called Xbox 360? 157

An anonymous reader writes "Gamesite Engadget has a story claiming via a trusted source that says the next generation Xbox (codename Xenon) will be called Xbox 360." From the article: "Our source, who has worked on several projects involving the Xbox and the Xbox 360, has seen the proposed packaging and other design elements for the new console..last year a marketing firm conducted a survey where they asked people whether they thought Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Nintendo N5 sounded more 'next-gen'."
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Next Generation Xbox To Be Called Xbox 360?

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  • Re:Fake (Score:2, Insightful)

    by yesacs ( 614407 ) <> on Wednesday February 09, 2005 @08:29AM (#11616948)
    I don't know... Do you have a source for that? It looks to me that Edelman is all about the xbox, just google them. I don't think anyone knows what the name is really going to be, I know that xbox 360 is one of them (check previous post). And why would Sony care about PS3 sounding futuristic enough when we all know that was M$'s big fear with calling it xbox 2

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