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XBox (Games)

Next Generation Xbox To Be Called Xbox 360? 157

An anonymous reader writes "Gamesite Engadget has a story claiming via a trusted source that says the next generation Xbox (codename Xenon) will be called Xbox 360." From the article: "Our source, who has worked on several projects involving the Xbox and the Xbox 360, has seen the proposed packaging and other design elements for the new console..last year a marketing firm conducted a survey where they asked people whether they thought Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Nintendo N5 sounded more 'next-gen'."
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Next Generation Xbox To Be Called Xbox 360?

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  • A pun revived (Score:4, Interesting)

    by fm6 ( 162816 ) on Monday February 07, 2005 @02:46PM (#11598992) Homepage Journal
    They probably had the same idea IBM had: "We'll call it the 360 because it's an all-around system!" (The System 360 was the first computer with byte-level addressing, breaking down the distinction between "Scientific" and "Business" computers.) I wonder if IBM will sue?
  • by the_skywise ( 189793 ) on Monday February 07, 2005 @03:08PM (#11599263)
    XBox 360 - It's a box.. so it's square... but it's 360, so its a sphere!

    It's square AND it's round!

    It's mindboggling kewl that it can do two things at once!

    (I'm willing to bet somebody in Microsoft suggested XBox '05 but got shot down because that would confuse people who thought it was the 5th XBox version...)
  • i had a feeling (Score:2, Interesting)

    by yesacs ( 614407 ) <<ude.tvcms> <ta> <3navillusc>> on Monday February 07, 2005 @04:10PM (#11599956)
    I used to work for a design/marketing firm (not telling, sorry, but you know their work), and over the summer I started to see packaging specs and comps referring to the xbox 360. At the time, I thought it was for a possible xbox redesign. That was the last i saw, because after some stuff started to leak, only certain people in the company were allowed in the rooms were they were just printing stuff. I think xbox f5 (like refresh, i guess) or fs (couldn't tell because of the font) were in there too.
  • Really? (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 07, 2005 @04:36PM (#11600212)
    You'd think if they were going to go with this name, they would've snapped up the domain name. This guy picked it up over a year ago.
    This whois service shows the information for .COM and .NET domains
    only if they are registered thru For ORG, .BIZ, .US
    .INFO and.NAME domains, the information is displayed regardless of
    the sponsoringregistrar for said domains.The fact that your query
    returns "NOT FOUND" does not necessarily mean thatthe domain
    may be available for registration. To search all domains, pleasego
    to the shared registry whois located at:

    Gaming360 Limited (XBOX360-COM-DOM)
    Gaming360 Limited
    5 Jupiter House Calleva Park
    Reading Berks, RG7 8NN UK
    020 8926 2569

    Domain Name: XBOX360.COM
    Administrative Contact:
    Adrian Judson
    5 Jupiter House Calleva Park
    Reading Berks, RG7 8NN UK 020 8926 2569

    Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
    Adrian Judson
    5 Jupiter House Calleva Park
    Reading Berks, RG7 8NN UK 020 8926 2569

    Record last updated on 31-Jan-2005.
    Record expires on 27-Jan-2006.
    Record created on 27-Jan-2004.

    Domain servers in listed order:
    Name Server: NS51.WORLDNIC.COM
    Name Server: NS52.WORLDNIC.COM
  • Re:New direction (Score:2, Interesting)

    by jensen404 ( 717086 ) on Tuesday February 08, 2005 @03:33AM (#11604527)
    Halo = Circle = 360 degrees Halo is the reason for the xbox's success.

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