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Privateer Remake Complete 251

flyboy writes "In a similar vein to the remakes of the Origin's Ultima series games reported in 2001 and 2004 a group of Wing Commander fans has remade Wing Commander: Privateer. Unlike the Ultima remakes, the Privateer remake is finished at version 1.0 with 3d graphics and the whole storyline. For the new kids on the block, WC:Privateer was a much loved trading game similar to the more venerable Elite, which appears also to be in the process of a remake. As a linux fan I was most happy with the remake's use of GPL 3d engine software and release of Linux, Macintosh and Windows versions. See Screenshots here."
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Privateer Remake Complete

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  • Escape Velocity? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 07, 2005 @10:48AM (#11865230)
    It looks a lot like Ambrosia Software's Escape Velocity series. I had a lot of fun playing those on my Macs a few years back.

    (oh, and FP ;P)
  • Re:Remake Crusader (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Jainith ( 153344 ) on Monday March 07, 2005 @11:15AM (#11865497) Homepage Journal
    Remake the Crusader games....

    quite possibly 2 of the best games ever.

  • by moonbender ( 547943 ) <> on Monday March 07, 2005 @11:15AM (#11865500)
    You must be new around here. ;) (Slashdot puts a space in long "words" to prevent them from messing with the layout.) Linkfied. []
  • copyright? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Ubergrendle ( 531719 ) on Monday March 07, 2005 @11:18AM (#11865531) Journal
    I wonder how the current owners of Origin Systems Inc, or Chris Roberts, feel about this open source work.

    Personally I would feel honoured and accept the compliment that my work is being resurrected ~10 years hence for people to enjoy, but I can't speak for them. How is this handled in the open source community?

  • Re:great (Score:3, Interesting)

    by porter235 ( 413926 ) on Monday March 07, 2005 @11:25AM (#11865655)
    Check out UFO2000 [], a multiplayer xcom game that will run on linux! As well, you could always play the original using dosbox [].
  • Urkh (Score:2, Interesting)

    by offline ( 94346 ) <> on Monday March 07, 2005 @11:40AM (#11865821) Homepage

    I hate to say it, but other than a bit of glitz in the combat (The shields look about like they did for WC3, which is a step up on Privateer, at least) this game looks like crap.

    I'm not sure how they can characterize this as 1.0, all things considered. I mean, I get graphics corruption just on the launch screen, not to mention the apparent non-function of the game start menu (is there one? I didn't see one, I just randomly hit keys after the last loaded image until something happened)

    I loved the original game, and I suspect that if this one were cleaned up a bit, it'd be as good, but right now it's fricken 'orrible.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 07, 2005 @11:40AM (#11865824)
    That has to do with the new plotline :) You're about right on the money about Hunt for Red October.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 07, 2005 @12:13PM (#11865851)
    I'd have to say I'm honored.
  • by Txiasaeia ( 581598 ) on Monday March 07, 2005 @12:15PM (#11865866)
    Get the Evolutions mod then - more ships, more weapons, the addition of different types of equipment (can't remember off-hand but they help with shield recharging, weapons recharging, heck, even additional armour!) and - the best part - heavier ships move *slower*! It takes longer to move a cargo train around than it does a little fighter. Amazing!
  • Re:Escape Velocity? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by worst_name_ever ( 633374 ) on Monday March 07, 2005 @12:17PM (#11865891)
    Back in the day when I was just starting to write what later became Escape Velocity, I didn't have a PC, but I did see Privateer at the store and thought it sounded really cool. So, there wasn't really any direct influence, although the phenomenon of parallel evolution applies to open-ended space action/RPG hybrids just like any other game type - certain ideas are just universally fun, so you'll see them crop up repeatedly in different games. Sometimes they cross media types, as evidenced by when I first saw Firefly and said "hey, this is like EV: The Series!" ;)

    Now that I am leet enough to have both MacOS and Windows machines, I should probably download this remake and check it out. It sure looks like fun.

    mcb []

  • Re:copyright? (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 07, 2005 @02:07PM (#11867354)
    You'd be surprised, there are extra story elements and more will be added in the future.

    (I helped a bit making the game ^-^ )
  • been a long 6 years (Score:1, Interesting)

    by DMJC-L ( 800240 ) on Monday March 07, 2005 @06:33PM (#11870732)
    I've been working on this for almost 6 years with the main coder. We both wanted to do a privateer remake. The original speech is in the game... figured out that running privateer in dosbox let's you raw dump the wav audio, took us ages to get the sound out. works tho :D the work is not yet finished! there will be an expansion to the privateer mod coming that will add the whole wing commander universe... over 500 star systems.
  • Re:copyright? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by snuf23 ( 182335 ) on Monday March 07, 2005 @11:28PM (#11873396)
    That's kind of hard to say. Seeing as Richard Garriot is no longer with Origin and has lost the rights to the franchise (Ultima) to Electronic Arts, he probably would be honored at this point.
    Especially seeing as how EA has all but killed off Ultima, first by exerting pressure to change the game style (see Ultima 8's arcade jumping) and then rushing an unfinished Ultima to release (Ultima 9). Lastly, the one remaining Ultima product is Ultima Online which has seen two seperate updated versions killed as well.
    Go EA!

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