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GameCube (Games)

Nintendo Dismisses October Zelda Launch 70

Nintendo is dismissing rumours of an October launch for the newest Legend of Zelda title as nothing more than hearsay. From the story: "We haven't announced any potential release dates for the new Legend of Zelda title. Everything published to date is entirely speculation and we hope to announce more about the game at E3 in May."
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Nintendo Dismisses October Zelda Launch

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  • by Zorilla ( 791636 ) on Tuesday March 15, 2005 @03:02AM (#11941154)
    Now, mod me down for being a dumbass, but if I'm reading that quote right (no I didn't RTFA), that's Nintendo saying they don't know when their own damn game is going to be released. Doesn't this strike anyone as ODD?!

    Not really. They really have no idea when it will be done; they're developing software, not making a burrito.

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