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Final Fantasy XI Suffers DDOS Attacks 40

_xeno_ writes "Final Fantasy XI is currently under a DDOS attack from unknown parties. No additional information is really available, but Square-Enix has contacted "[l]aw enforcement authorities in Japan, the United States, and Europe." The attacks started on April 9th and are evidently ongoing, causing server downtime, preventing people from logging in to the game, and causing extra latency. No word has been made on the exact nature of the attacks or any progress on blocking the attacks."
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Final Fantasy XI Suffers DDOS Attacks

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  • by digitalchinky ( 650880 ) on Friday April 15, 2005 @06:40PM (#12250954)
    That approach would not generate a positive revenue stream. There are millions of discreet networking links across the planet, but how would the gamer connect? The average internet connection is a mixture of different standards out to the ISP, after that it's mostly bog standard packet switchers - tcp/ip on HDLC (or similar framing)

    What you are suggesting is a good idea, but not very practical considering the additional hardware required to make it work. There might be some other way to rig it up on the existing backbones though it would have limited support since each provider tends to do his or her own thing with the data going across their wires.

    Hate to be a bummer on your idea though. It's good, but how would it work?

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