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Role Playing (Games)

Final Fantasy XI Suffers DDOS Attacks 40

_xeno_ writes "Final Fantasy XI is currently under a DDOS attack from unknown parties. No additional information is really available, but Square-Enix has contacted "[l]aw enforcement authorities in Japan, the United States, and Europe." The attacks started on April 9th and are evidently ongoing, causing server downtime, preventing people from logging in to the game, and causing extra latency. No word has been made on the exact nature of the attacks or any progress on blocking the attacks."
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Final Fantasy XI Suffers DDOS Attacks

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  • It seems that a large portion of the popular online games are getting their servers mutilated. is it time for them to switch to a different method of networking? perhaps create their own "internet" to "dial" into?
    • ...with what money?

      pay 50$ for connection per month and 12$ per month on top of that just to play a game?
    • That approach would not generate a positive revenue stream. There are millions of discreet networking links across the planet, but how would the gamer connect? The average internet connection is a mixture of different standards out to the ISP, after that it's mostly bog standard packet switchers - tcp/ip on HDLC (or similar framing)

      What you are suggesting is a good idea, but not very practical considering the additional hardware required to make it work. There might be some other way to rig it up on the ex
  • ...why would anyone want to do this? I don't recall hearing about controversial elements.
  • Since FFXI servers are running top notch compared to the WoW servers to begin with. The competitors must be sabotaging the servers. Yeah that's it.

  • and its quite a interesting one....


    It is thought to be very likely that this is one of Chinas responces to the recent hostility to Japan. Given that supposedly a lot of Japanese websites are getting hit, and this is a technique that China has used on the past against the US when we bombed their embassy accidentally I wouldnt be shocked at all if they where behind the DoS attacks on a lot of Japans websites.

    I mean honestly what better way to fuck with japan than to screw around with their biggest

  • oh, it was undergoing a DDOS attack, so we helped by slashdotting it? smart.
  • Is this related to the problems with auction houses and the /search function I've been experiencing on Fairy today?
  • i've been playing almost 8+ hours every day for a year and i haven't noticed any new problems from the past week.

    of much bigger concern to everyone i know in the game is the recent announcement that they are lowering the xp requirements to hit level 75 (max level)

    - are people with multiple jobs at 75 getting screwed ?

    - there's not enough places for 75's to play as it is. if they make it easier to get to 75, where the hell are all these new people going to go?

    it's a great game but the endgame has always

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