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Role Playing (Games)

Prestige Classes of the Old Republic 15

Wizards of the Coast is running an article on their site giving d20 stats for prestige classes used in Knights of the Old Republic II. If you've been dying to make a Dark Side Assassin, then, you've finally got the excuse. From the article: "Dark side assassins were originally trained by the Sith to be the ultimate hunters. The assassins' unique abilities served the Sith in their battle against the Jedi. After the Battle of Ruusan and the scattering of the Sith forces, this changed. Dark side assassins became less common as the Sith went into hiding, but their deadly purpose remained -- to destroy the Jedi."
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Prestige Classes of the Old Republic

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  • Re:Why bother? (Score:5, Informative)

    by screwballicus ( 313964 ) on Monday May 02, 2005 @10:47AM (#12407256)
    In keeping with posts by developers on the Obsidian Forums [obsidianent.com], it seems that a proposal for a content patch was made and rejected by Lucasarts for any number of predictable reasons.

    The posts on this topic by John Morgan and Chris Avellone (though more particularly by the prior) have since been deleted from the Obsidian forums, presumably due to their controversial nature and their having spurred fan frustration. Obsidian is careful about not directing fan aggression against Lucasarts and thereby burning their bridges. Providing evidence of their own differences with Lucasarts (e.g., desire to actually finish the game as opposed to releasing it incomplete for Christmas sales) has tended to fuel the Lucasarts-hate. And so posts which give these emotions factual substance of tended to be erased.

    There are any number of good reasons a content patch will not happen. Most crucial is that the originally planned ending was completely and totally different from the one that went to press, and Lucasarts is unlikely to permit the development of circumstantially not at all similar endings to the game. Another is that ending material was never finished (scripts, textures, models, you name it) and it looks like voice acting wasn't complete for the planned ending either. They aren't going to call in not only developers but all the voice actors too, again, just for a patch. The other is that coordination of an absolutely massive Xbox patch to recreate a completely new ending chapter to the game on a game which isn't Live! enabled and doesn't acknowledge support for downloadable content is highly improbable.

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