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Role Playing (Games)

Prestige Classes of the Old Republic 15

Wizards of the Coast is running an article on their site giving d20 stats for prestige classes used in Knights of the Old Republic II. If you've been dying to make a Dark Side Assassin, then, you've finally got the excuse. From the article: "Dark side assassins were originally trained by the Sith to be the ultimate hunters. The assassins' unique abilities served the Sith in their battle against the Jedi. After the Battle of Ruusan and the scattering of the Sith forces, this changed. Dark side assassins became less common as the Sith went into hiding, but their deadly purpose remained -- to destroy the Jedi."
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Prestige Classes of the Old Republic

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  • Hmm... (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Ykant ( 318168 ) on Monday May 02, 2005 @09:52AM (#12406586)
    Given the number of reponses to this news item, I'd guess that no one cares at this point... guess the game got nailed by the sophomore curse after all.
  • Why bother? (Score:4, Insightful)

    by aurum42 ( 712010 ) on Monday May 02, 2005 @10:04AM (#12406748)
    "The Sith Lords" was a promising but horribly flawed game, with very little polish and a cut ending. The game was apparently made on a very tight schedule, and essentially the last 25% of the game is simply not there, which is a major disservice to the people who coughed up the cash for the game. See this [theforce.net] article, for instance. Until Obsidian/Lucas Arts add a major patch which adds content to the end-game, it's not worth the time investment. It's a pity, since the game has some very good moments, and clearly, at least some of the designers put a lot of thought and effort into what they were doing.

    There are also some community efforts to polish up the game and fix bugs and restore at least some of the cut content, but without the voiceovers and cut scenes and so on, I'm sure it will be a tough task.

  • Re:Why bother? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Kidbro ( 80868 ) on Monday May 02, 2005 @10:33AM (#12407081)
    [ SNIP: Long rant about how SL is unfinished ]

    To paraphrase our dear Exile: "Somewhere in that long rant of yours, you forgot the part about how this affects the topic of TFA" ;)

    This is primarily about the Pen & Paper RPG, not the computer RPG.

    Just because the computer game was unfinished (a fact that nobody argues), some of the concepts from it may still be cool to re-use in the P&P RPG. And there are several cool concepts in SL.

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