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Viva La Resolution 33

Via Games*Design*Art*Culture, a post over on the O'Reilly network discussing an unofficial "anthem" for the GDC entitled Viva La Resolution. From the post: "So imagine an alternate universe in which a major game publisher--Microsoft, say--actually embraced the notion that games are an artform and encouraged innovation. If that were to happen, they might conceivably commission a song like this to get game developers excited and pumped up and ready to go. Now here's the weirdness---apparently, they did commission the song, from the Fatman (George Sanger, one of the industry's best-known composers)--and then canned it when they heard it and found out what it was...Guess it wasn't the message they wanted, eh?" Update: 05/10 03:47 GMT by Z : Mirrors for the song can be found here and here.
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Viva La Resolution

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  • Nice blog.. (Score:2, Informative)

    by flabbergast ( 620919 ) on Monday May 09, 2005 @02:58PM (#12479887)
    Nice blog and all, but I don't see what the fuss is all about. Microsoft commissions someone to create a song for them. They decide that they don't want the song but offer to pay them for their time anyways. If you want to talk about creative differences, then you could legitimately say that MS decided that it wanted to take their keynote in a different direction. This only attracted attention because it was MS.

    As for asking him to remove "boobs" if he wanted to buy it back, well I can understand that. You could see it on CNN: "Microsoft commissions "Boobie" song!" Instead it lands on the front page of /. and all those luddites can come out and say "Look at MS! What a bunch of bastards!" Those that hate MS still hate MS and point to this as yet another reason to hate. And lets be honest: they hate MS anyways, so no big deal.
  • The Fat Man Writes (Score:3, Informative)

    by costik ( 105636 ) on Monday May 09, 2005 @11:14PM (#12484636)
    Also, George says:

    "Here is the story of Viva La Resolution.

    I really don't know how best to communicate to the slashdot people without bashing my servers farther, and I really appreciate your help!

    I think it would be nice to let people know that the funny part of the story is not that Microsoft chickened out. They didn't, really. My contact there was ready to run with the tune, with a few minor changes, right up to the last minute.

    The funny part is

    1. that this song was about not doing things for the money, and it almost did make it into a MS keynote talk!

    2. The making of the song was surrounded by miraculous coincidences

    3. I ended up having to choose between cash and integrity--and with lyrics like these, you CAN'T pick the cash!!!"
  • Lyrics (Score:3, Informative)

    by TheoB ( 859132 ) on Tuesday May 10, 2005 @12:53AM (#12485311)


    1: Alright, Legends and Myths?
    2: Legends and Myths.
    1: What about 'em?
    2: Alright, so we go to the Game Developer's Conference in Santa Clara and Microsoft throws this huge party to launch DirectX. And they make the mistake of giving all these game developers a Gak and a frisbee since we entered the gate. SO they start their demo of DirectX, they have us in a big theater, they've thrown a huge party, they've fed us, let us go on all these rides, and now we're going to see the demonstration, and the thing crashes.
    So suddenly, out of the audience comes a ball of gak, hits one of the Microsoft executives right in the side. Then another ball of Gak. Then a frisbee, and then pretty soon a hundred frisbees and all the Gak. And all the Microsoft Executives are diving behind their computers yelling "We gave you Gak, you can't do this to us!"

    -Song starts
    Did we do it for the dollar bills?
    Or did we do it to sharp-sharp-sharpen them skills?
    Did we do it for the Venture funds?
    Or did we do it 'cause we love- we love to have fun?
    So what? It's a little blocky.
    The power of what we're playing with might sock you.
    'Cause when the resolution comes, they'll be the first against the wall.
    They'll still be playing with their balls.
    And they'll be trying to get a piece of the magic we release.
    And the love that we increase.

    Viva La Resolution ( X 8)

    Will you use it to make smarter troops?
    Or will you use it to make great big jiggling boobs?
    Will you use it to be Hollywood?
    Or will you use it for the ultimate -ultimate good?
    Guess what? It's no longer blocky. And the power of what you're dealing with might sock you.
    'Cause when the resolution comes, they'll be the first against the wall.
    With their big cigars and all,
    And their political machines,
    And their Moneymaking schemes.
    And their love will feed our dreams.

    Viva la resolution (X 16)

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