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Role Playing (Games) E3 Government Politics

China Backs Gaming Initiatives 17

Gamespot is reporting that a Chinese government official spoke at an E3 conference session. He outlined the explosive growth of online gaming in the nation and discussing future ventures for the growing consumer base. Deputy Director of the General Administration of Press and Publication of the People's Republic of China (gasp) Xiao Wei Kou also spoke to plans to connect the government up with universities and further focus development internal to the Chinese state. From the article: "According to our estimates, there will be more than 300 domestically developed online games in the next five years. And we're in need for more than 20,000 professional game developers. Right now the reality is there are only a few thousand professional developers in China. The lack, especially senior level developers, has become another important bottleneck."
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China Backs Gaming Initiatives

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  • Civil control? (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Leroy_Brown242 ( 683141 ) on Wednesday May 18, 2005 @03:00AM (#12564070) Homepage Journal
    I wonder if the games the produce will be pro-China civil controling like games. Like the high volume of war style games that come out of the US.
    • You see. There will be this one game developed by the CCP regarding a war FPS game. It will contain real maps of American cities on the west coast and Tailand. As a bonus, it will reward players for good skills and automatically promote them in rank if they join Chinese military willingly...

      OK ok, I'm kidding. But that would be REAL fucking scary if something like that happend.
  • 1st (Score:2, Funny)

    by Justabit ( 651314 )
    i want to play "evade the Tank" new chinese game.
  • by drakethegreat ( 832715 ) on Wednesday May 18, 2005 @03:18AM (#12564127) Homepage
    I'm sure others have noticed but over the past few years there has been a complete lack of innovation in the game industry as far as plot lines and new styles of games. Maybe this new market will actually make enough competition and developers to see some new stuff.
    • Maybe I'm too cynical, but I imagine that we'll just see an even faster regurgitation of the same old stuff. I can only assume that the garbage that's being put out is selling, or it would already be gone. If you can make a profit with easy "low hanging fruit" (reskin and release!) games, why devote a bunch of time or money to something truly innovative?
  • by Slider451 ( 514881 ) <> on Wednesday May 18, 2005 @09:48AM (#12565935)
    I think China has come to realize the value of giving intelligent, hard working people a fantasy distraction in their off-hours that consumes them more than TV, but doesn't damage them like drugs or gambling. A distracted populous is easier to control.
  • 20,000 extra Chinese programmers, competitive with their foreign counterparts, aren't going to come online so fast. Training, or more appropriately productivity and quality, might become the driver for foreigners supplying the Chinese market. Communism's suppressions and communications bans directly conflict with the ability to get knowledge quickly and evenly distributed to everyone who needs it. So those lucky enough to be in on Chinese communities already in the global info economy might find themselves
  • "Right now the reality is there are only a few thousand professional developers in China. The lack, especially senior level developers, has become another important bottleneck."

    1. Those that are to become developers tend to think. Those that think sometimes find it hard to keep to themselves. In China those that think and express their feelings tend to end up in jail.

    3. Game developers need access to technology and (less importantly) gaming sites... not only to get knowledge, but primarily to "devel

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