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E3 Role Playing (Games)

New StarCraft Ghost, World of Warcraft Information 44

The first day of E3 has wrested loose new information from Blizzard about its newer games, and they have a page up with dedicated links to the new content. World of Warcraft is sporting new trailers, wallpaper, screenshots, and a nice look at the capture-the-flag style Warsong Gulch Battleground. Meanwhile, Gabe and Tycho have allowed Nova out of the house, giving Blizz the opportunity to put up a new Starcraft:Ghost web site. The site contains a bevy of gameplay information, including multiplayer combat, psi powers, weaponry, vehicles, wallpapers, screens, art, and trailers. Update: 05/19 08:50 GMT by Z : Gamespot has some hands-on impressions of Ghost for you to check out.
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New StarCraft Ghost, World of Warcraft Information

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  • Ghost = Halo 2 (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Rethcir ( 680121 )
    Is it me or is Starcraft: Ghost quickly becoming superseded by Halo 2? Basically everything I was looking forward to in Ghost (IE Cloaking and wielding gigantic plasma swords) has been covered. Plus, Halo 2 has online multiplayer. The vaporware threshhold is also quickly approaching.

    Prove me wrong, Blizzard!

    • Re:Ghost = Halo 2 (Score:1, Insightful)

      by Anonymous Coward
      But it's starcraft. As much as I love the original, this is the _only_ way of getting any new starcraft content.
  • ahh, Ghost... (Score:5, Informative)

    by fireduck ( 197000 ) on Wednesday May 18, 2005 @07:29PM (#12572277)
    The game that got all the Blizz fanboys in a frenzy when it was announced to be console only, something like 3 years ago. Remember this outstanding press release []: in order to meet our goals and deliver the outstanding gameplay experience our customers have come to expect from Blizzard products, we have decided to extend our StarCraft: Ghost development schedule through the end of 2003. The Ghost development team however, remains hard at work, and will deliver the tactical-action console game in 2004.

    Still not out, still projected to be for the GC, PS2 and Xbox; despite having a release date in 2006 (when all the new systems will be out). Backward compatibility saves the day...

    Anyone know what's going on with Blizzard these days? Blizz North lost most (all?) of their senior developers and has been silent for years. the people are already releasing their first game, so I can only assume that Blizz North has been shuttered? The RTS team at the Irvine office hasn't announced anything since finishing WC3X. Really, all that Blizz has going now is WoW (since Ghost technically wasn't under their direct control until recently).
    • Strange. When I bought WoW, it came with a small product catalog, and by the Starcraft: Ghost ad it says: "Coming Soon: to Next Generation Consoles". Hm.
  • Trailers (Score:2, Informative)

    by drxray ( 839725 )
    The Ghost trailers on the Blizzard site are windows executables... anyone going to post a torrent of the actual videos?

    Trailers here [].
  • I have one question: (Score:3, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday May 18, 2005 @07:54PM (#12572441)
    Who cares?! I mean seriously people, weren't we supposed to boycott Blizzard for what they did to our friends from the Bnetd project? Have you already forgot about it? Let me refresh your memory:

    Blizzard Rains on Bnetd Project [] On February 21st, 2002

    Blizzard, Bnetd Respond on Bnetd Shutdown [] On February 22nd, 2002

    Legal Analysis Critical of Blizzard v Bnetd [] On February 28th, 2002

    EFF Takes Bnetd Case [] On March 12th, 2002

    Blizzard/Vivendi Files Suit Against Bnetd Project [] On April 8th, 2002

    Q&A With Vivendi Rep About Bnetd [] On April 23rd, 2002

    Blizzard Amends Complaint ... Again [] On December 8th, 2002

    EFF Continues Fight On Blizzard Vs. Bnetd Case [] On February 19th, 2004

    Blizzard Stomps Bnetd in DMCA Case [] On October 2nd, 2004

    Do you remember now? Can't we just once not be such fucking hypocrites for God's sake? Can't we just once in our lifetime be consistent in our declarations and stop giving free publicity to people whom we consider scumbags? Or are we just a bunch of little kids who bitch and moan every time we feel like to, promise to never ever buy anything from Blizzard again, only to shout "oh, shiny!" two minutes later when said Blizzard shows us another product? I hate to break it to your but a boycott until another product is released is equally pointless as a hunger protest between meals. It only makes us look like fools that we are. I bet that next time Blizzard do anything immoral they will think: "don't worry, let those damn children on Slashdot boycott us and they will buy anything the next day we release it like they did the last time, those idiots!" Am I the only one who thinks that there is something seriously fucked up with this community?
    • by Anonymous Coward
      Am I the only one who thinks that there is something seriously fucked up with this community?

      You are fucked up for thinking that this community is of one mind and one moral distinction.

    • by AHumbleOpinion ( 546848 ) on Wednesday May 18, 2005 @08:24PM (#12572693) Homepage
      ... weren't we supposed to boycott Blizzard ...

      No, only a couple of zealots (no pun intended) were supposed to do that. Most of us were just supposed to do what we thought would be fun.
    • You forgot to sign it with something like: Anoncoward, lvl 58 tauren druid, Blackrock server. At least try for some irony or sarcasm or something.
    • I have one question. Do you realize that Slashdot is not some collective mind that thinks the exact same way? Sure there a lot of people that have similar attitudes around here, such as being behind OSS and being pro Linux but that's not everybody here has the same thoughts or beliefs.
    • " weren't we supposed to boycott Blizzard for what they did to our friends from the Bnetd project?"

      Seeing as how BNetd allowed illegit keys to be played and how the games industry needs AAA titles to survive, anybody who boycotted Blizzard would have been an overzealous short-sighted moron. What did you guys honestly expect? Blizzard to say "Hey guys, take over our services! We won't use the legal recourses we legitimately have avilable to stop it! Afterall, we want to maintain a sparkly reputation on
    • i never promised jack squat regarding boycotting blizzard. slashdot is made up of many different people with wildy diverse opinions. you're completely entitled to express yours, by means of angry posts or boycotts, but if you call me a hipocrite, you are mistaken.
    • On the Vivendi flagship USS Blizzard...

      Operator: I'm picking up a transmission, captain.

      Captain: Open channel.


      Captain: Oh crap. Slashdot DID develop a collective consciousness after all.
  • Yeah Blizzard, they were cute the first few times, but it's getting tiresome now. Other companies don't seem to have an issue of getting good games out within 2 years, let alone the 5 it takes you. Yet where is Starcraft 2? I'm sure when it's announced in 2006 my grandkids will just be getting it in 2056.
  • great (Score:3, Funny)

    by MORTAR_COMBAT! ( 589963 ) on Wednesday May 18, 2005 @08:39PM (#12572834)
    because when I think roleplay, I think "capture the flag". what exactly is the point supposed to be?

    "Hey, we're at war. How about instead of a meaningful battle, you try and capture my flag, and I'll try and capture yours. Best two of three. After that, we'll shake hands, maybe go again?"

    • The point is that they are desperate to provide content to the players.
      Yea CtF is more FPS then RPG but if I had not already left the game for green pastures, it might be a reason to pay for a few more months.
      • if I had not already left the game for green pastures

        any hints as to the location of greener pastures would be appreciated.
        • I left and joined up with EQ2, having a blast.
          It does not have PvP until later this year(they are adding gladiator arenas) but PvP is something I do if a group needs help and not something I really go out of the way for; community is more important for me and the one in EQ2 is great.
    • "Hey, we're at war. How about instead of a meaningful battle, you try and capture my flag, and I'll try and capture yours. Best two of three. After that, we'll shake hands, maybe go again?"

      Native American tribes, whilst at war, participated in a practice called "counting coup". This involved an individual sneaking up on a member of a rival tribe (often times when they were encamped, thus they were sneaking into a enemy territory) and tagging them with their "coup stick". The tagee would give the tagge
    • Actually... they're not really at war. It's a roleplaying game, and according to the story line it's an 'uneasy peace.' The current battlegrounds system might not be the best gameplay implementation from a roleplay standpoint, but from the roleplay standpoint huge battles aren't exactly appropriate either considering plot/current in game political climate and what-not...
  • Ewwwwww. (Score:3, Interesting)

    by TrebleJunkie ( 208060 ) <ezahurak AT atlanticbb DOT net> on Thursday May 19, 2005 @01:01AM (#12574634) Homepage Journal
    At first, I was a little excited to see that Ghost was *finally* nearing release.

    Shortly after, I sighed, and resigned myself to a life without it, because unlike most Slashdotters, I've not forgotten the bnetd futtbucking, and I intend to keep up the Blizzard Boycot.

    But then I looked at the screenshots, and decided that I'm really not missing anything.

    This game looks God-awful. For as long as it took, you'd think they'd have the look of the characters and the environments completely down and polished.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Am I the only one still pissed over the whole "Hey PC gamers! Thanks for making Starcraft a success! No, you're not getting Ghost! OK then, bu-bye now." thing?
    • Not that I am particularly pissed about it, but I still think Blizzard should reconsider. I'm sure there is a high enough demand to see Ghost on PC. Afterall, 100% of the Starcraft fanbase is composed of PC gamers.

      Anyway, their loss. Personally I have bought every game Blizzard has released since Warcraft II (except for WoW, I don't have time for MMORPGs, altough I admit this is the first MMORPG ever I find interesting). As I don't own any (current-gen) console, I won't buy Ghost. And I'm sure I'm not the

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