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Sony Hardware Hacking Portables (Games)

Sony PSP 1.50 Swap Trick 176

Negroiso writes "It appears that the folks over at PSP-DEV have created a swap trick for your PSP 1.50 to play your homebrew applications. It requires two memory sticks to use. Please read the included tutorial on how to use the exploit properly." Here is the PSP 1.50 Exploit as well as website mirrors.
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Sony PSP 1.50 Swap Trick

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  • Waste of effort (Score:4, Insightful)

    by picz ( 264520 ) on Wednesday June 15, 2005 @11:36AM (#12823847)
    It is amazing. The programmers at Sony are wasting their time to prevent other programmers to program for PSP and the PSP programmers waste their time trying to hack the PSP.

    This is stupid. All that creativity could be used for some cool apps. /picz
  • by meff ( 170550 ) <meff@spEULERhere ... g minus math_god> on Wednesday June 15, 2005 @11:37AM (#12823852) Homepage
    This seems highly inconvienant.. I'm not going to play the swap-trick on a car trip or on the bus, it just seems impractical.

    Nice work on finding this flaw though, but.. I'll wait until something else comes out that will let me run a homebrew app off of the same memory stick on 1.5*

    Note also that Sony will probably be requiring firmware updates with future games, so unless you want to dedicate your PSP to homebrew, you're kinda outta luck until a non-'swaploit' comes out.

    We got to find a way to control the firmware on the PSP before much is accomplished.. Reflashing to 1.00 on US units would make homebrew a reality, but then there is the game firmware update issue. To solve this, maybe someone could create a 'grub'/'lilo' type system that could boot firmware 1.00 or 1.5+.
  • Clarification (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Negroiso ( 892386 ) on Wednesday June 15, 2005 @12:19PM (#12824272)
    A lot of you have complained and complained and complained. Lets not forget that although this is a swap trick, it is however a step in the right direction. To clarify some things that a lot of you are missing

    NO EXCEPTIONS, no 1.51 no 1.52

    Another thing, on your 2nd memory card it will be reported as "corrupted data" for this exploit to work. There is nothing wrong with the file that's on the 2nd Memory Stick. All of this is listed on the developer's site or in the "tutorial" in the archived files.

    Please for the love of bob, give these guys props. I haven't seen any of you guys that are whining give anything to the psp scene besides "we want we want we want". It is being worked on and the hardware will be hacked. As everything else goes this will take a while it's not going to happen over night.

    I personally would like to thank all those involved in this release. It sets the grounds for future exploits 1.5x. . ect.

    Please READ before posting and saying something doesn't work or you think it sucks for whatever reason.

    The point is they worked around it so mission successful.
  • Re:In other news.. (Score:3, Insightful)

    by iapetus ( 24050 ) on Wednesday June 15, 2005 @12:45PM (#12824507) Homepage
    Um. Welcome to last week - 1.51 and 1.52 already do this, and I believe they're already mandatory for some of the latest Japanese releases, though I could be wrong on that.
  • Re:Waste of effort (Score:3, Insightful)

    by mrchaotica ( 681592 ) on Wednesday June 15, 2005 @12:50PM (#12824557)
    No, you should ignore the platform entirely because Sony is (collectively) one giant asshole. Spend your time making cool apps for an open platform instead.
  • by bgarcia ( 33222 ) on Wednesday June 15, 2005 @01:07PM (#12824724) Homepage Journal
    Remember those memory stick select [amazon.com] sticks? They basically shove two separate memory sticks into a single package, and add a small switch that lets you choose which one to use.

    This actually sounds like the one case where that might be preferable to having a regular memory stick.

  • by Vegeta99 ( 219501 ) <rjlynn AT gmail DOT com> on Wednesday June 15, 2005 @01:57PM (#12825208)
    Shit, I better go turn myself in, I just replaced my spark plugs. On my own.
  • by cheesy9999 ( 750203 ) on Wednesday June 15, 2005 @02:51PM (#12825744)
    Someone should create a database that reports which games force updates so those of us who want to keep our PSP at 1.50 can do so without guessing which games we can and cannot use.
  • Which platform? (Score:4, Insightful)

    by tepples ( 727027 ) <{tepples} {at} {gmail.com}> on Wednesday June 15, 2005 @03:56PM (#12826381) Homepage Journal

    Spend your time making cool apps for an open platform instead.

    Which open handheld platform with decent game controls is sold at retail in the United States?

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