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Behind the Faked Revolution Video 74 has an interview with the guy who faked the beautiful Nintendo On video prior to this year's E3. The faked video raised quite a ruckus on message boards from here to fark. From the article: "The Nintendo community is famously excitable when dealing with leaks and rumors - the uproar over recent comments insinuating Revolution's downloadable classics would be free sent shockwaves - and this instance was really no different. Still, there were plenty of skeptics and cynics. To many, the presence of the esteemed Virtual Boy, the company's infamous portable blunder from the mid 90s, tipped the scales. 'The Virtual Boy isn't something Nintendo should ever use to promote a new revolutionary product,' said Jeffery Van Camp, editorial coordinator at Nintendo fan site N-Sider. Even the visionary behind Nintendo On admits 'Nintendo would never make another reference to a console that didn't comply with their expectations, but in this case, it wouldn't be a mistake, but a correction.'"
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Behind the Faked Revolution Video

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  • it wasnt bad... (Score:3, Insightful)

    by teksno ( 838560 ) on Tuesday July 05, 2005 @07:06PM (#12989657)
    i never thought it was real... but after learning that it was for sure a fake, its nice to know that some people have that much time on their hands are they dont write spyware...

    in all reality though it just speaks to the fanatical type of fans that nintendo has. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!
    • Time? He said it only took a week to make.
      • yeah but it was a week solid.... with little sleep and it left him sick....

        i dont know about you, but i dont have that much time on my hands. after work, school and other obligations like going to the gym (my god a geek that goes to the gym!!!!) and trying to work on my car, girlfriend and bar hopping... i have very little time. infact i have very little time after work alone.
        • my god a geek that goes to the gym!!!!

          What you think are revolutionary? Hate to break it to you... but the girlfriend thing, now that's something to talk about!
    • No, it wasn't bad at all. It was rather skilled. Except for hte idiocy of having a console where you actually walk around to control the movement of the character (dangerous as someone mentioned), it might have had me fooled.

      It shouldn't be too hard to make a console that has a headset that can do 3D with today's computers. The images would have to be lower-res to compensate for the fact that the console would be rendering two images at the same time, but it would be much more interesting visually.


  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday July 05, 2005 @07:51PM (#12989934)
    "Save for a brief glimpse at a city for Metal Gear, however, all was lost in the hard drive crash. Had the scenes been completed, however, Solid Snake would have been seen hopping into Metal Gear Ray, going head-to-head against an all-new menace, Metal Gear Mantis. "It is better not to think about the loss now," he says."

    There are two kinds of computer users (or sysadmins). Those that backup religiously, and those that have never had a hard-drive crash.

    RAID1 is pretty cheap when you can get 2 200GB HDs for about 300$ CDN.
  • Wake up, Nintendo! (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Nomihn0 ( 739701 ) on Tuesday July 05, 2005 @07:51PM (#12989939)
    Hire this guy and redesign your console to meet expectations. The research done for this video was meticulous. Nintendo's patents showed so much promise. But the original Mario Brothers in high(er)-definition? I don't see that as a "revolution" in anything other than deceptive marketing. NintendON, while unbelievable, restored my confidence in Nintendo as an innovative company.

    Oh well. Dreams die hard.
    • by FLAGGR ( 800770 )
      Good virtual reality is not compuationally possible, especially not for the consumer market. The ability to download games is *not* the revolutionary feature of the erm, Revolution, as confirmed by Nintendo. (It is in fact the controller)
      • Good virtual reality is not compuationally possible

        True, the "environment capture" of the fake video isn't feasible yet. But a headset with a gun-shaped controller, where player movement is on the gun and turning the camera is on a gyro attached to the head (along with a triangulated position reference to the console), is probably feasible, right?

        • Yeah. There are alot of rumours related to that too (Nintendo loves gyros)
        • by cgenman ( 325138 )
          A headset with a gun-shaped controller, where player movement is on the gun and turning the camera is on a gyro attached to the head (along with a triangulated position reference to the console), is probably feasible, right?

          Feasible, but laggy and expensive. Taking 20 MS for a character to respond to your input is basically imperceptable on a television, because, well, the rest of the world is whizzing by normally. But taking 20ms to updated a head-mounted VR system is nauseating, as the world drags beh
          • Not sure about your 20ms number. My thesis involved using a helmet mounted display. When I was doing research, I found (as you might imagine) tons of research on what an acceptable latency is.

            The lowest maximum acceptable lag that I found was 20ms (ie 0-20ms is acceptable without making people sick). Other researchers found values between 40ms - 300ms! I think 300ms would be pretty bad, personally.

            My thesis project only updated once a second (it used GPS data, which came out of the receiver at t

        • there is a GODDAMN GREAT arcade game which uses motion sensors and a standard light gun to calculate your position in this way. i think its called police 24/7, and has a sequel, and it is the best fun its possible to have in an arcade, although it kills your ankles and thighs after about ten minutes.

          be nice if you could do it at home, but you would need (1) huge screen and (1) giant sensor array cage box thing.

      • Nintendo Revolution, Revolutionizing this fast paced industry by rereleasing the NES. A pretty NES.
    • " But the original Mario Brothers in high(er)-definition? I don't see that as a "revolution" in anything other than deceptive marketing."

      Seeing as how Nintendo hasn't stated what the 'revolution' is, how can you call the marketing deceptive?
    • Man! That video was bad ASS! After watching that, I said I don't give a fuck if it's fake. I want a revolution now!

      Music was fantastic. It wasn't lame like every other real nintendo Ad. It had style, pumps you up, it wasn't targeted toward 5 year olds. This deceptive marketing needs to be done more often. I was sold, and nintendo marketing need to sit in a classroom and learn from this artist.

    • This kids' videos are impressive. He's put a lot of work into them, and I must say he's talented with 3D Studio.

      His capability as a designer, however, still has something to be lacking. The NintendOn seemed clunky and unattractive, and I don't see it transcending beyond his concepts. I personally would be fascinated to try this device out, but I'm not seeing a threshold for this apparatus (yet).

      I do not understand why you believe the revolution to be "deceptive". Nintendo has not claimed any more of t
  • How far? (Score:5, Funny)

    by BandwidthHog ( 257320 ) <inactive.slashdo ...> on Tuesday July 05, 2005 @09:04PM (#12990365) Homepage Journal
    raised quite a ruckus on message boards from here to fark

    Wait, wait... from here all the way to FARK?

    That far? Really?

  • by CyricZ ( 887944 ) on Tuesday July 05, 2005 @10:20PM (#12990808)
    More interesting to me was the reaction at the gaming forums. Indeed, all hell broke loose, literally, at the GameFAQs forums when this fakery was made available. Users were banned outright for suggesting (rightfully so) that the video was a complete forgery, according to my grandson who posts there. But I think that just shows the complete intolerance and stupidity of many of the online gaming forums. They are so closed-minded that they refuse to actually investigate leaks such as this to verify their truthfulness. Instead they'd rather punish those respectable users who do take the trouble to inspect and analyze every such leak that comes their way.
  • Does anyone know the names of the songs used in the Nintendo ON video? I really like it and want to know what its called.
  • my exclusive video of a night greenlighting the town.
  • As the person who pulled off the Christmas Lights/Webcam Hoax [] let me just say Well Done Pablo Belmonte - the world needs more levity like this! ;-)
  • Fun, But.... (Score:3, Interesting)

    by miyako ( 632510 ) < minus language> on Wednesday July 06, 2005 @12:53AM (#12991427) Homepage Journal
    Thinking about the Revolution is fun, but it also somewhat annoys me because everytime I see a Revolution story I spend hours trying to ponder what the revolutionary feature is going to be.
    I understand Nintendo's fears that the other companies might try to rip off their ideas, but wouldn't patenting the hell out of everything be just as effective without driving all their potential customers absolutely insane?
    Ah well, I guess it probably drums up some excitement. It doesn't really matter to me, I decided I'd be buing a Revolution as soon as I heard about it playing classic games. I'll probably get a PS3 too, but I doubt I'll get an XBOX360 though, if the current generation of games are any indication (and they very well might not be), XBOX seems to get the more mainstream games, which basically seems to me to be nothing but a crapstorm of FPS and Sports games, neither of wich I can stand.
    • Patents have not been effective at protecting Nintendo's stuff in the past. Believe it or not, they actually have a patent on the D-pad that has been used in their controllers since the NES days. But wait, you may say. Sony's controller has a D-pad, too! How can that be?

      The answer is that Sony got around Nintendo's patent by having each of their direction buttons be separate entities on the controller (ever notice how the direction buttons on the Playstation controller are not connected?) As I unde
      • Never mind the rumble pak, which Sony copied but implemented slightly differently (unknowingly hitting another patent owned by another company in the process). Or the analog stick on the controller, which Sony added to their controller and never fully integrated leaving us with many PS2 games using the dpad only and the left analog stick in an awkward position.
      • The dpad buttons on the PS are not separate entities. They may look like it, but underneath they are all connected. Press down on one of that buttons and you will see the others move.
      • no, whats even funnier is that nintendo knows that they will be ripped off. they are playing it up to build excitement. they know their consumers. they know that nintendo fans like the mystery and love the fact that they are keeping tabs on their plans. thats why they are nintendo fans and havent jumped ship yet; because they dislike sony and MS' way of overexaggerating everything.

        if nintendo comes up with something/ anything truly revolutionary, then it will obviously revolutionize all consoles from then
  • The web page linked has some embedded audio, couldn't turn it off. How can I listen to my music, and read this article at the same time?

    How can someone be such an insensitive clod.

    I guess I should read it in lynx. Pah.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      The idiocracy of slashdot readers never fails me. Why didn't you hit STOP on the video that was playing? Did you happen to notice the article was discussing the video?

      Oh but wait! An opportunity to drop the name of a web browser you have probably used twice your life! What you should really do is download the file in lynx, then read it in pico. Then you would really have my respect.

  • 1UP won't even let me list Virtual Boy games in my collection.

    /Mario Tennis and Wario Land were pretty good...
    //Kept the comment short so you wouldn't get a headache

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