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DS Wifi Bounty Set 28

Chris_Yates writes "A bounty has been set to go to the first person to release an open-source tcp/ip implementation for Nintendo DS's wifi hardware capabilities. It may not include illegal source from the SDK, it must compile under a free compiler, preferrably GCC, and you can use other libraries as long as they are non-contaminating. There are also three milestones to the bounty, the first one winning 50%, and the second two winning 25% of the bounty. They are: 1) Figuring out the register set to accomplish (specific list) 2) Implementing correct connect/disconnect code and implementing correct send/recieve code, each of which works both with DSes and PCs and 3) Bootstrapping TCP/IP (or, UDP/IP)"
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DS Wifi Bounty Set

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  • is it not already using the netbsd stack ?

    if not use that as a start


    John Jones
    • It's the wifi part thats the problem. Writing open source drivers is usually terribly difficult without the proper specs on the hardware. Just ask that guy trying to write an OSS atheros driver.
    • Wow, good idea, why hasn't anyone thought of that?

      There has to be a driver written in ndslib before any tcp/ip stack can be written. Jeez read the summary.
  • "Hackers of the planet unite..."
    "Hack the planet!"

    It's very cool to see a bounty for something like this...
  • Close... (Score:3, Informative)

    by rerunn ( 181278 ) on Monday July 25, 2005 @02:30PM (#13158319)

    This has been out for a while (last april): []

    Here's another explanation: []

    and also of DS interest: []
    • That is something different, it allows, with just the right wireless card chipset, transferring executable from your PC to the the, as long as they fit in ram.
      This is a bounty for writing a wireless driver and net stack that would allow homebrew and open source projects on the DS to go online.
  • I did my part (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Synesthesiatic ( 679680 ) on Monday July 25, 2005 @02:31PM (#13158325) Homepage
    I'm a little hard up for cash these days, but I added $5 to the pot. As a DS owner I think I have a lot to gain from a more active homebrew scene.

    My question is thus: would this only be useful in allowing wireless play in homebrew games, or would it also be helpful in creating tunneling software (allowing wireless enabled DS games to play through the internet using a PC for tunneling)?

    • Well Nintendo plans on doing that anyways. That's one of their "grand visions".
      A previous story on /. was about Nintendo wanting to plant some 5000 hotspots in Japan for DS comms.
    • It would be useful in having a web browser and other internet applications for the DS that will work at any normal wireless hotspot.

      gaim with the stylus, here I come.
    • Damned. I wish I weren't looking for a job right now... otherwise I'd so be donating... :(

      Seriously, this is a great cause. It allows developers of all sorts to work with the DS. I too have desired to develop my own video game, and a successful project like this would allow those of us with too much free time to do something worthwhile.

      And I don't know about you, but developing a game for a Nintendo system has a certain amount of pride to go along with it... Sure Sony has released PS Dev Kits (Yaroze,
    • It would be helpful both for wireless play from DS to DS as well as tunnelling. It also would open up some interesting application ideas for passing data between PC's and the DS of course. PDA applications with 'syncing' to the PC, etc.
  • Nintendo releases their first online title, will the bounty go to the already very rich Nintendo?
    • Sure, if Ninetendo is willing to release it as open source (rtfa).
    • will the bounty go to the already very rich Nintendo?

      No. The end product must be permissively licensed free software, and Nintendo has to my knowledge never published such a program. In fact, some believe that Sony is marginally more likely to do so for the PSP, especially given that it has released the Net Yarôze kit (for PS1) and the Linux kit (for PS2).

    • Uh, did you even read the summary? The bounty is for a driver and open source tcp/ip stack, not an online game. So unless Nintendo releases MarioKartDS as opensource...
  • I'm glad this finally got placed on SlashDot.
    This could really use the publicity.

    I wish I could be of more use to the DS' community myself, but I lack a GBA flash card and the experience to code anything for the DS(/GBA).

    I may buy a GBA flash card some time soon, though. I've already bought a RaLink Wifi card to be able to send (Nintendo RSA signed) demo's to the DS from my PC and hopefully (but doubtebly) also unsigned (homebrew) code somewhere in the future.
  • Great! (Score:2, Insightful)

    by rmccann ( 792082 )
    This is a fantasic. I really hope that someone figures out how to do this. If it is reverse engineered then the DS could become a very nice PDA type device. Once this happens, and is publicised, then Nintendo could benefit hugely from it. I'm off to donate money and pimp this around the place.
  • This isn't new news, but maybe someone from the /. crowd would be able to figure this out.
  • Well, my question is what can we do with it once its made. I've gathered the fact that you can use it to do tunnel DS games over the internet. Here is my idea (don't know if its possible or practical) what about a GB Advanced cartridge for the TCP/IP stack and little utils (like putty, etc) and a DS cartridge for things like web browsers or email utils. Not sure if it would work to use both cartridges at the same time or whatnot.

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