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Quake First Person Shooters (Games)

Quake 4 Visual Preview 67

Andre Medeiros writes "CNet is featuring a visual preview of the upcoming entry in the Quake series." From the article: "Bodies everywhere - As you can see, Quake 4 stays true to a well-worn first-person shooter trope: no matter where you go, your expendable fellow Marines will litter the ground and silently warn that you're about to be ambushed by plasma-wielding aliens."
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Quake 4 Visual Preview

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  • Pass! (Score:2, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward
    I think I'll wait for an actual game to be made using the engine before spending any money. Thank you.
    • This is an actual game that's being written with Doom 3 engine.
      • Re:Pass! (Score:1, Informative)

        by Anonymous Coward
        I think you missed their invisible sarcasm tags. They were implying that both Doom 3 and this are pretty much technology demos without any real innovative/worthwhile gameplay to go along with it.
        • Haha I absolutely agree. Games like Half-Life 2 simply own games like Doom 3. Hands down. Though, I must say, Serious Sam was great fun for a mindless shoot everything that moves game.
        • Personally I'd say that ID software are good at making a fantastic engine with a mediocre game to advertise it, but then the likes of Raven take that fantastic engine and couple it up to an amazing game - such as the Soldier of Fortune games, or Jedi Knight series.

          And Raven are coding Q4, not iD so personally I'm pretty hopeful about it...
  • Mirror (Score:5, Informative)

    by Eightyford ( 893696 ) on Thursday July 28, 2005 @07:55PM (#13191104) Homepage
    Here's a mirror [], with every image on one page. I just find it annoying to have to click through 7 pages when I'm on a slow connection.

    • Thank you.

      I found it annoying to click through each image, but also the bright, ugly background was rather bothersome to look at.

  • I mean, how old is this link? I swear I saw this a year ago...
  • Doom3 done right (Score:1, Interesting)

    1st don't get me wrong, Doom 3 wasn't a bad game for what it was supposed to be; a re release of the orginal Doom but it had no where near enough of the run and gun of Doom and Doom 2.

    Quake 4 on the other hand looks like it kept with this format and did it right; utter chaos everywhere. Can't wait for this to be relased
    • by superpulpsicle ( 533373 ) on Thursday July 28, 2005 @09:56PM (#13191671)
      What do you mean "did it right"? This game ain't even out yet. How can you judge on vaporware. It's going to have a different aliens flavor but more of the same ole space marine, same shit different title.

      Can't wait till the forums are flooded with driver problems. Time to rack up those Ad space, cause this ain't going to work on 50% of the people's PCs if it demands more resource than Doom3... which to my amazement is still filling up forums with problems.

    • by macdaddy357 ( 582412 ) <> on Thursday July 28, 2005 @11:48PM (#13192177)
      It will be pale in comparison to Duke Nukem Forever. You wait and see!
    • It looks exactly the same as Doom 3. How can you tell from these screenshots whether it will be any more decent?
      • by Pxtl ( 151020 ) on Friday July 29, 2005 @09:45AM (#13194271) Homepage
        I agree. The strength of doom wasn't the typical run & gun, it was the _scale_ of the run & gun. Rooms absolutely packed full of imps. The only games I've seen that expand on this concept properly are Serious Sam and Abuse. Quake 4 looks like it'll be Quake 2 all over again - room after room of odd little battles. Not as "boo, an imp" as doom 3, but still not the glorious carnage of doom 2. When will we ever see another "Dead Simple"? Or better yet, when will we see something on the monstrous scale as the Kleer horde of Serious Sam's "Metropolis".
  • by Aix ( 218662 ) on Thursday July 28, 2005 @08:09PM (#13191183) Homepage
    According to Crate Review System [], this might be the best game ever! No one's even played the game yet and we've already seen crates []!

    (Disclosure: this joke is already half-made in the article.)

    • According to Crate Review System, this might be the best game ever!

      I thought the crate review system said that the sooner you see a crate, the worse it is. That would make this game the worst game of all time, not the best.
    • But the real question: When do we see the biggest video game cliche of all time, exploding barrels?
      • Idunno, exploding barrels are pretty much an Id thing. I don't see many games including them except Id. Plus, at least exploding barrels add to the gameplay - by exploding, they create new possible strategies for the players. Crates are just lazy map geometry - boxes are pretty easy to do in BSP editors, and crates are very pleasently box-shaped.

        Barrels are more like swinging blades, lava, crushers, conveyor belts, etc. They're cliches, but they often do contribute nicely to gameplay.
        • Half-Life 2: Exploding barrels
          Painkiller: Exploding barrels, boxes, chests, etc

          Boxes, I can understand. I look around my office, my house, I see lots of boxes. Exploding barrels, or even the non-exploding kind... not so much.

  • Come on, the game isn't even out yet! Not to mention those very same screenshots and concept art have been floating on the net for months already...

        It still looks damn fine. I've been waiting for a good single player Quake since the excellent Quake 2. I hope the soundtrack is as cool as the one in that game as well :)
    • I've been waiting for a good single player Quake since the excellent Quake 2. I hope the soundtrack is as cool as the one in that game as well :)

      The best part about the soundtrack was that the format was just tracks on the CD. In other words, you could put in a different CD and have your own soundtrack for the game, or rip the CD to MP3 for playback without the game (it's even in CDDB).

      • The best part about the soundtrack was that the format was just tracks on the CD.
        The original Quake did that as well. To this day there are 2 Smashing Pumkins albums, a Soundgarden album and a Ministry album that make me want to play some old Quakeworld CTF every time I hear them. The game played a certain track for each lev, so every song is associated with a particular map. Gave "Blow up the ouside world' new meaning ;)
        • I know what you mean, but I always listen to 'relaxing' music like Texas and Natalie Umbruglia (it was the mid 90s) to calm my thoughts and make me more deadly. You know your in trouble when your walking through a supermarket, 'Torn' comes on and your the only one reaching for your sidearm, calculating the threat and looking for cover.

          There have been two other games that have temperally changed my worldly perspective. Jet Set Radio Future: driving along and thinking that I could be going faster if I'd bough
  • So, uh... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Jmechy ( 656973 ) on Thursday July 28, 2005 @09:22PM (#13191536) Homepage
    Quake 4 is that new expansion pack for Doom 3? Seriously though, is it necessary that the visual style of the game be exactly like that of D3? Couldn't they have changed the look of the levels, or at least made it look like the characters weren't skinned by the same person?
  • by drxray ( 839725 ) on Thursday July 28, 2005 @09:30PM (#13191566) Homepage
    ...or maybe they're just being honest - perhaps 440x330 is the only resolution you can afford to run it at.

    Besides, higher resolution pictures here: IGN []
  • Please I hope id took out the light pen and hopefully hired some creative people that aren't stuck in hte mid 90's to work on this puck!

    DOOM3 was an incredible waste of money and a HUGE embarrassment for everyone ay id. Kudos for hoodwinking the noobs but Quake 4 better have the goods and not just rip offs of other, pretty games like Half-Life2.

    I mean please... the "new" anti-gravity weapon in DOOM3's expansion pack was a complete and utter disgrace! Not to mention that the guns were apparently sooo high te
  • by aztektum ( 170569 ) on Thursday July 28, 2005 @11:20PM (#13192055)
    Enemy Territory: Quake Wars [] looks to me like the game I'll buy.

    (warning: Flash site) W:ET and WoW are the only games I play online lately. And I'm only trying WoW out on a friends acct to see if its really all that.
  • by MiceHead ( 723398 ) on Thursday July 28, 2005 @11:33PM (#13192098) Homepage
    Frankly, I don't know what the big deal is -- id Software no longer has the monopoly on the first-person shooter. We're an indie studio that's about to announce development on a sequel to our 2004 shooter, and I'm here to tell you that you don't need a big budget, or, well... any budget... to create a triple-A game. Check this out:

    • Shot #1 [] - This is screenshot from our prototype running in realtime. That's a shot taken at 80x60 (4-bit color), but it can go as high as 100x80 with 32 colors on higher-end machines.
    • Shot #2 [] - This demonstrates the engine's realtime shadowing. Every single pixel has its own shadow, which is something no other platform can say. Further, it's done without pixel or vertex shaders, making it compatible with older systems. (However, they must support the Photoshop "emboss" plugin.)
    • Shot #3 [] - In 1998, lens flare was all the rage. 2005 is the year of the bloom []. Or maybe it's a glow effect? I can't remember which one it was -- I'll check with our marketing department and get back to you on that.
    • Shot #4 [] - You're thinking, "Hey, that's nice, but I bet you can't do all three effects at once." Well, we can, and we did.
    All right, so I suppose it's tough for an indie studio to compete with Quake IV. But here's hoping that we can carve our a niche in the hearts of gamers everywhere. After all, you don't always need a cool million to write a game. Sometimes all you need is 96k [].
    • I'm glad there are still stupid people out there who think that FPS gamers play games for graphics.

      Quake 1 was like chess. You really need to play maybe 200 hours of DM 4 or DM 2 1 vs 1 or maybe e1m2 that will let an RPG gamer understand but I doubt it.
      • It's because they probably didn't do too many duels in a fps.

        1v1 or organized tffas in an FPS is awesome, just like you said: chess

        free for all = anarchy & counterism

        In a ffa it's hard to see the strategy involved when you pull off some insane stunt that kills your opponent and then someone frags you from behind as you finish over and over and over -- but, in organized matches you can kill your opponent many times before you die even once, which shows what a gap can exist between skill levels. Most peop
  • I think it looks like shit. The engine? Fantastic, sure. These are the most brilliant renderings of bland, metallic scenes that I've ever seen.
  • Why is everyone bothered about 1 year old screenshots. Heres the video trailer for it instead. []
  • "You're about to be ambushed by plasma-wielding aliens . . ."

    Wouldn't guns be a better weapons choice than expensive flat TVs?

  • I think I'll just stick with Quake 1 and Tenebrae []! Less money to spend! :D
  • All the pictures have a light source.
  • Stupid Slashdot caps filter... Jee it's like yelling... No shit sherlock. that's the point....


    Seriously, could map designers move forward instead of throwing boxes everywhere.
  • It's not the Game that ID puts out that makes it worthwhile, it's what can be done with is when the modders get their hands on it. Especially for multiplayer games.

    The single player game is nothing but a practice course, or boot camp to get used to the look and feel of the engine. After that you either go play plain vanilla deathmatches (bleh) or wait for the mods to come out.

    As a Quake II modder (Catch the Chicken) and a Quake II server Admin (GoB Clan servers) and an active member in various
  • the SS look good but my biggest concern is that there be more than 2 baddies at a time or it will be a borefest like doom3.. and none of that "clear a room, oops you forgot the one guy who was behind a wall and now he pops out as you walk past" BS...

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