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Happy Birthday Mario 57

Nintendo's official birthday for the stout plumber is September 13th, and today marks his 20th Anniversary. Via Kotaku, an Edge Online article celebrating the man's greatness. From the article: "Undoubtedly, you will have played at least one of those games - so let's talk about how far he's come, and why he's so great. In terms of his history, it's one filled with successes, and a few mysteries to boot. The working class hero has spent more time beating a fantasy tyrant to save royalty than he has on his serviceman job" Nintendo.jp also has a bunch of congratulatory messages from Japanese groups, all for the man in red. Update: 09/14 05:48 GMT by Z : Push the Buttons has a really great tribute to Nintendo's finest that I felt should be added to this post.
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Happy Birthday Mario

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