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Gizmondo Not Only Crappy But Funded By Mob 24

In a 'we live in an odd world' moment, Gamasutra reports that several executives of the company that is producing and distributing the Gizmondo handheld have stepped down after possible connections to organized crime were publicized. From the article: "...fellow senior Gizmondo Europe executive Stefan Eriksson has resigned from the company, also to pursue 'new entrepreneurial pursuits', following an expose by Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, which alleged Eriksson's involvement in the 'Uppsala Mafia', a criminal enterprise which led to his convictions in his native Sweden from charges including counterfeiting in the early 1990s. Fellow Gizmondo employees Peter Uf and Johan Enander have also apparently left the company, and Enander is currently wanted by the Swedish police, according to Aftonbladet." We recently reported on the poor quality of the console.
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Gizmondo Not Only Crappy But Funded By Mob

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