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Xbox Live Points On Pre-Sale 22

Microsoft is offering up Xbox Live Marketplace points for presale, according to Edge Online. Ala iTunes prepaid cards, the relatively cheap cards are to allow players to conduct microtransactions, purchasing game enhancing features like new texture elements or game levels. From the article: "Its worthy of note though that, according to the item's description, the points allegedly can also be used for both games purchases on the Xbox Live Arcade service and subscription fees for forthcoming MMORPGs. This may suggest a new unified and universal online currency for all Xbox 360 transactions, adding a layer of obfuscation as well as convenience to the potential buyer, who may be quicker to spend '800 points' than the equivalent £5 for that coveted new multiplayer map."
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Xbox Live Points On Pre-Sale

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  • You can use REAL money to purchase Virtual "Official" items (wheels, clothes, etc to deck out your online player), but can you sell yuor virtual items to other players for REAL money ala MMORPG? Seems like that is a hazy line depending on game creators, and obviously a big deal for "farmers". Will Microsoft allow me to sell my 24" rims online to someone for real cash, or will Microsoft somehow tax that?
    • You can sell your own items to other players for points, but not for real cash. It's all points when you're online. Of course, by getting points in this way, you have to spend less cash on your MMORPG subscription and so on.
  • by Red Flayer ( 890720 ) on Thursday October 27, 2005 @12:19PM (#13889611) Journal
    FTA: "To that end, and taking a tip from other online services like iTunes, American online retailers have begun taking preorders on pre-paid Xbox 360 Live Marketplace Points.

    FTSummary: " Microsoft is offering up Xbox Live Marketplace points for presale, according to Edge Online."

    A subtle distinction, perhaps, but MS is not retailing the points directly as of now.

    The silliest part -- why would anyone prepay for these Points, it's not like inventory is limited by physical supply, right? Unless MS chooses to artificially induce delays in delivery, or can't handle the volume (which would really, really surprise me).
    • I'd assume that these are like mobile phone top up cards, so the game shops are selling physical cards with a code on them to add X points to your Xbox. So theoretically the cards could run out.

      I think this is just an alternative way to pay for Xbox Live and extra content for people who don't have credit / debit cards - IIRC Microsoft said they were working on ways so that people without them could get on Live (I'm exstatic about the prospect of more 12 year old American twats on Live...). I'll probably sti
  • New textures (Score:3, Insightful)

    by StocDred ( 691816 ) on Thursday October 27, 2005 @01:27PM (#13890272) Homepage Journal
    purchasing game enhancing features like new texture elements

    Hoo boy, am I looking forward to that.

    Maybe Microsoft can sell me a game for $60, then nickel and dime me for another $30 so I can download newer textures. What a fanfuckingtastic business model. Oh yeah, they're in this "for the gamers."

    • Its funny, a lot of my friends bashed MS for doing this, and then go right back to playing HL2 which they got through Steam...which is starting to charge for mods....chilling indeed.

    • Maybe Microsoft can sell me a game for $60, then nickel and dime me for another $30 so I can download newer textures. What a fanfuckingtastic business model. Oh yeah, they're in this "for the gamers."

      First off, only EA has said they'll be pricing games at $60. In fact, Microsoft has said that all of their 360 launch titles will be at $50 or less ($60 for the two-disk PDZ collector's edition). One could extrapolate that future Microsoft titles will be $50 or less, too, but I won't go there.

      Second, the

  • Why would you buy these "points" in advance? One of my friends was planning to buy XBox 360 games before the system came out - I thought that was stupid enough, but I guess the idea is to make sure the game doesn't sell out before he gets it? But these points are a purely digital construct. It's not like Microsoft can run out of them. So why are people so eager to buy something they can't even use? Why do they want to hand their money over earlier than they have to?
  • I admit, I'm a big fan of my xbox and xbl and will be buying a 360 but this Marketplace concept makes me nervous. I'm afraid of game publishers piece-mealing us to death with digital clothes, tattoos,weapons and car paint jobs. Selling someone a digital island for real money makes my skin crawl. I'll vote with my $ by not using the marketplace for the stupid crap and only use it for new maps/levels that I feel are above and beyond what would be considered a complete game.

    The obvious analogy of Bungie's m
    • I joined XBL after a year or so..and come to find out the new content available was free..I don't play H2 online,so I didn't buy the new map pack..but what's cool is eventually it became free.. I downloaded 3 packs for Ghost Recon2.I like the additions.New maps,new guns..it added a different feel to the game. I'm guessing it all depends on the game maker..Red Storm might make their stuff free after a time(another "corporate" game company)...but if I want a new paint job for my car in Midnight Club3 Dub Edit
  • There are a couple of major benefits to this "abstracted currency", at least from Microsoft's perspective:
    • It's international. The exchange rate of real currency to live points only matters when a user buys some points, which is a transaction with their local MS subsidiary; after that the points have the same value anywhere in the world.
    • There could be ways to get points without directly spending money on them. Since creating points costs MS nothing, they can give them out as prizes at the drop of a hat. S
    • All good points but anything virtual, especially currency, can be scary stuff.
    • I do like the last part in your post..where you could have a ton of money(save some by switching to Geico)and spend it in a different game..That would be FUN! Say you become real good at quests..and eventually you have 10,000 Virtual Money(let's make it easy and make it $) and you REALLY want a new lightmachinegun or sniper rifle(.50cal anyone?) for your squad-based shooter..a transfer order later..your looking at a new shiny gun. They could curb some of the large amount transaction/transfers by implementi
  • This is representative of the whole MS philosophy.

    Maps and mods and better textures used to be things people in the community would do for the love of it and share with the community for nothing but the hope of kudos and respect if they did a good job.

    Now MS has found a way to make you charge and pay for things that would otherwise be free. Everything has to have a pricetag on it in Microsoftland, especially free things because they're, uhh, viral.

    It's a bad idea and it's completely unavoidable. Roll on,

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