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Role Playing (Games)

Halloween In Massive Space 45

Halloween is a great nerd holiday, and it extends into Massively Multiplayer Game space. Everquest Live is offering up a series of events from the Kithicor Forest to the Hafling village of Rivervale. EQ2 has trick or treating in the two major cities, as well as smaller quests elsewhere. World of Warcraft players can also trick or treat with Innkeepers to honor the holiday of Hallow's End. Fashion seems to be the primary motivator in Anarchy Online's holiday event, which allows you the chance to snag Halloween themed t-shirts. Guild Wars has the winners from a Halloween art contest, as well as some theming in-game. Finally, Final Fantasy XI's always terrific seasonal events continue with The Harvest Festival. FFXI and World of Warcraft specifically allows you the opportunity to dress your character as various monsters and characters. My priest made a great pirate. Arr!
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Halloween In Massive Space

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  • by Kazzahdrane ( 882423 ) on Friday October 28, 2005 @09:24PM (#13901981)
    "Halloween in real life is always much more interesting then Halloween in some computer game." Now, I *am* making an assumption here,'re American, right? Here in the UK Halloween is basically a non-event, and I gather it's much like that in most other parts of the world. Oh sure the shops here sell themed crap, gives them something in between "Back to School" and "OMG only 2 months til Xmas LOL!", but it's mostly for little kids and even then there's not the trick or treat mentality that exists over the pond. Anyway, just saying that for a lot of us, Halloween in a computer game is almost always more interesting than Halloween in real life. Won't stop me dressing like a pimp on Monday night though.
  • by Seumas ( 6865 ) on Friday October 28, 2005 @10:07PM (#13902172)
    In America, Halloween is a chance for grown women to dress like sluts (they always pick the same few costumes which are princess, dominatrix, vampiress, dorothy, school girl) and show off without feeling trampy and for guys to ogle them and, preferably, engage in semi-anonymous sex that you can probably not be incrimenated for by your significant other. You know, the kind of people who are serious attention whores, but on this special night, guys and jealous girls can't badmouth them for being all "hanging out of their outfit" and shit.

    Halloween is sort of like St. Patty's day for ho's.

    Of course, if you're a little kid, you dress up and go trick or treating. I think that's dying down, though. People are too afraid that their kids are going to eat food that has been poisoned or had razors or drugs impregnated into them (the candy, not the children). People are retarded. Halloween kicked ass when I was a little kid (though you do grow out of it eventually - around eight or ten years old it seems).

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